Moventas Extra Life service concept expands to kilowatt-class gearboxes


Moventas has launched a kilowatt-class suite of life-extending services, Extra Life for kW. As older, kilowatt-class gearbox fleets age around the world, Moventas is ideally suited to extend the life of these components with its core technologies.

Kilowatt-class gearbox fleet represent 12% of all gearbox fleets globally and 15% in Europe. Service for older gearboxes and modernized replacements are in demand, as these fleets need upgrading. While Moventas is a technology pioneer with the most modern gearbox designs such as the Exceed, it wants to help owners of older fleets to maintain their gearboxes as long as possible.

Moventas has now launched a suite of services for Vestas V42, V44, and V47, as well as Gamesa G42, G44, and G47 fleets. The Extra Life for kW is available in Moventas workshops globally. The cornerstone of the Extra Life for kW offering is Moventas’ ability to service gearboxes on an OEM level, thanks to its 35-year experience of wind gearboxes.

With its multi-brand capability, the Extra Life and OEM level repairs also concern Hansen, Winergy and Bosch Rexroth gearboxes in addition to Moventas, Metso, and Valmet made gearboxes.

The Extra Life service concept is about understanding and removing known gearbox failure modes, and replacing old solutions with new and improved ones. The core Moventas technologies that will be applied in the Extra Life services are bearing upgrades, integrated planet gear bearings and case carburized ring gears.

In addition to upgrades, Extra Life for kW is available for multi-brand replacements, factory service, plug & play accessories, up-tower services, spares and inspections. Moventas also provides a new and improved replacement gearbox for the Vestas and Gamesa fleets in question, with integrated planet bearings.

The kilowatt-class offering also includes a batch of several used Moventas and Hansen units that Moventas has acquired from the market to refurbish and sell for these fleets. These gearboxes are being repaired in workshops in Finland and the UK throughout this summer and will be available to deliver from stock as direct deliveries or via an exchange pool.

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