WLubeMon offers a wireless lubrication monitor

The system and lubrication monitor works completely independently and is capable to monitor all types of grease lubrication systems including manual lubrication.

Saelig introduces economical smartphone-based thermal cameras

Saelig Company, Inc. (www.saelig.com) has introduced the Fotric 220 Series Thermal Cameras – cost-effective infrared imaging devices that combine state-of-the-art infrared technology with smartphone capabilities.

Vestas partners with InspecTools to expand global digitalized blade services

Vestas customers will now get online access to blade inspection analysis and data from any of their turbines in any market, thanks to the expansion of Vestas’ partnership with InspecTools, an energy asset inspection company. “By extending our partnership with InspecTools, Vestas will provide customers with even better and faster blade condition insights, which enable

Sika launches new industry market website: sikaindustry.com

Now live, the new Sika Industry website offers visitors quicker and easier access to essential information and features, and a more comprehensive understanding of Sika Industry’s technologies, applications, services and technical information.

Enerpac launches new power-generation tensioners

Enerpac, an international provider in high-pressure hydraulics, introduces its new portfolio of Power Generation Bolt Tensioners for critical fastening applications. The new bolt tensioner series is designed for maximum durability in harsh environments, ease-of-use, and improved speed of operation. The PGT-Series Double Deck and Single-Stage Bolt Tensioners offer a broad range and provide high performance

Fraunhofer researches how to prevent rain erosion on turbine blades

Smalls drops, big impact: Even just minor rain erosion damage on rotor blade surfaces can impair performance and shorten the service life of wind turbines. This is according to research and development institute, Fraunhofer Iwes, which has launched a three-year study into the effect of rain erosion on wind-turbine blades. Fraunhofer has been operating a

Moventas expands its facility in Big Spring, Texas

The Moventas facility in Big Spring, located in Howard County (Texas), will consist of a 7,500 sq ft workshop and a further 35,000 sq ft area combining warehouse space and a test bench installation.

Altitec completes blade inspection & repair at UK wind farm

Altitec, a specialist in global blade inspection and maintenance, has completed lightning damage inspection and repairs at the Greater Gabbard Offshore Wind Farm, as part of its maintenance work at the site. The work this summer followed end of warranty (EOW) inspections carried out last year and featured two teams operating on-site over a period of

EOLOS to test offshore wind turbines in Baltic Sea using floating Lidar system

In a competitive tender, EOLOS has secured contracts to deploy the EOLOS FLS200 floating Lidar. Purposely designed for the offshore industry, the EOLOS FLS200 incorporates the leading ZephIR 300M wind Lidar ensuring the highest levels of accuracy in wind measurements. Requiring minimum time for installation and re-deployment the floating device provides cost effectiveness in both

Sereema tests innovative Windfit software on Global Tech I wind farm

Global Tech I is one of the first offshore wind farms in the world. Set in the North Sea, 140 km from its logistic base in Emden, the farm stretches over 41 km2. 80 turbines are aligned to nominally produce 5 MW, for a total capacity of 400 MW. 445000 households should be powered up