Administration focusing more funds on manufacturing and material science

DOE’s Energy Materials Network will theoretically accelerate innovation around the clean-energy industry’s most pressing materials challenges,

U.S. Department of Energy launches $40 million effort to improve materials for clean energy solutions

Leveraging $40 million in federal funding in its first year, EMN will focus on tackling one of the major barriers to widespread commercialization of clean energy technologies.

Composites industry takes to Capitol Hill to discuss value of materials in American infrastructure

During the American Composites Manufacturers Association’s (ACMA) annual Infrastructure Day, ACMA members took to Capitol Hill to inform Members of Congress and federal agency leadership about the value of composite materials in American infrastructure. As the unified voice of the composites industry, ACMA helps composites manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, and end-users tell their story. One of

New alloy is amazingly tough and nanoscale look shows why

We analyzed the alloy in earlier work and found spectacular properties: high toughness and strength, which are usually mutually exclusive in a material

Specialty Coating Systems acquired by KISCO

KISCO Ltd., an international supplier of high-quality materials and services, has announced its acquisition of Specialty Coating Systems (SCS), a global provider of Parylene coating services and technologies. Parylene is a thin coating often used on circuit boards that can go into moist environments. Both well-recognized brands, KISCO has been operating in the Parylene market for

Materials Research Society & Cambridge U Press launch emerging materials science journal

MRS Advances will reflect the way materials researchers work, write, publish, and share results.

Self-healing coatings, parts are next frontier for smart materials says Lux Research

Recent advances and ongoing improvements will help rapid and low-cost development of smart materials, and the next wave of innovation will be in self-healing coatings and parts, according to Lux Research. Smart materials – those that change their properties in response to environmental stimuli, providing dynamic capabilities — range from everyday items such as photochromic

Energy Department awards $1.8 million to develop wind turbine blades to access better wind resources and reduce costs

The Energy Department has announced the selection of two organizations to develop larger wind turbine blades that can take advantage of better wind resources and can lower costs. Technological innovations such as taller wind turbine towers and larger rotors can more efficiently capture the stronger and more consistent wind resources typically found at greater heights above

A new approach to blade repairs

By Louis C. Dorworth Division Manager-Direct Services Abaris Training Resources, Inc. As wind farms age and new turbines grow in height and blade size, the demand for maintenance and repair services is increasing at a rapid rate. Because of this, many new companies have emerged in recent years to meet the demands of wind farm

Saving time and costs with point-of-use resin heating

Mac Larsen | Director of Application Development | Graco Inc. Demand in the U.S. composites market is expected to grow to $10.3 billion by 2019 at a compound annual growth rate of 6.6%. Along with aerospace and automobiles, the industry can thank wind power for driving this upward trend. High-performance composites consist of carbon, Kevlar, or glass