Unconventional speed reducer could take weight & cost off a turbine

If wind turbines are to be built larger, their designers will have to think differently about building larger components. An inventor in Dallas wants to assist with a recent design for a pitch drive could take weight off a rotor and a turbine’s main bearing. The clever cam-activated mechanism turns a ring gear by “walking”

Enerpac releases new bolting tools catalog

Enerpac recently announced the release of its new Bolting Tools catalog in print and for download. The catalog features solutions for the bolting work-flow,as well as Enerpac’s bolting line for joint assembly, controlled tightening, and joint separation. Designed in an easy-to-use format, the Bolting Tools catalog introduces several bolting application challenges and solutions with a

How are motors and drives used in a wind-turbine nacelle?

A wind turbine needs yaw brakes to hold the rotor facing into the wind. If the turbine is not facing directly into the wind, it is not producing at full capacity. When wind direction changes, a turbine’s controls instruct its yaw motors to reposition the nacelle. “In theory, this could be handled by one large

Morgan offers new grounding brushes and holders for longer bearing life

Morgan Advanced Materials’ Electrical Carbon business recently announced new grounding brush holders, designed for stability and reliable dissipation of current to prolong bearing life. The grounding brush holders have a contact drop of less than one volt because to their high quality silver-graphite brush. DC motors applied on static drive systems and AC motors on adjustable-speed drives

Where are hydraulics used in a wind turbine?

The muscle that pitches wind-turbine blades can come from either a hydraulic or electric device on most turbines rated at and below 2.5 MW. But for turbines over 3 MW, the job of pitching blades more often falls to hydraulics. And hydraulics can handle more. “Hydraulics in wind turbines usually refers to the assemblies for

Des-Case introduces IsoLink oil transfer containers

Des-Case has launched a new line of oil transfer containers and accessories to help maintain lubrication cleanliness, especially at transfer when contaminants can more easily invade the lubrication process and degrade equipment performance and reliability. The IsoLink Oil Transfer Container is the first oil transfer system that offers a complete best practices solution for contamination

Klüber Lubrication launches new content hub

Klüber Lubrication, a manufacturer of specialty lubricants, introduced a new content hub that provides insights for a variety of markets into how lubricant solutions from Klüber Lubrication save energy, protect equipment and enhance processes. “We developed this unique, content-oriented website to give users reliable, in-depth resources about market trends and best practices, as well as

Over 70 PFPE oils and greases from Klüber Lubrication are available

Klüber Lubrication, a manufacturer of specialty lubricants, continues to meet market demand for perfluorinated polyether (PFPE) oils and greases by now offering over 70 PFPE products under the BARRIERTA, Klüberalfa and Klübertemp brand names. Known for their stable, nonflammable and non-reactive properties, PFPE oils and greases provide excellent high-temperature performance for many industries, including: automotive,

Sage Oil Vac revamps the oil change with replacement drain valve

Sage Oil Vac is begging the question: Why are mechanics still relying on a glorified bolt to serve as an oil drain plug? Oil is the lifeblood of any engine (including a wind turbine’s gearbox). With a century’s worth of innovation and technological advances, why has the oil drain blog not changed as well? Sage Oil Vac is offering

Kett double-cut shears extend material usage and reduce costs

Kett Tool’s KL-200 Double-Cut Shears help manufacturers and contractors conserve materials and cut costs. The shears deliver precision cuts in C.R. mild steel, stainless steel, plastic and Formica without warping or bending the original material or the finished piece. “The KL-200 allows for ease of operation without damaging the final product,” said Kathy Conlon, president