AVX announces new ceramic capacitors for 200° C and 250° C operation

AVX Corporation has extended its high temperature AT Series Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors (MLCCs) with two new case sizes (0603 and 0805), two new voltage ratings (16 V VHT 250° C and 25 V VHT 200° C) and new C0G and VHT temperature coefficients that differentiate the 200° C parts from the industry-leading 250° C parts.

Elastomer and thermoplastic engineering guide gives access to proven tips from Minnesota Rubber and Plastics

Design engineers, particularly those interested in elastomer and thermoplastic engineering, will find Minnesota Rubber and Plastics latest design guide useful in planning their component and assembly designs. Available now in handy USB business card format, this design guide has hundreds of useful ideas for designing and manufacturing custom-molded rubber and plastic parts. The purpose of

Timken researchers address critical issue for wind turbine operators

Research conducted by The Timken Company to address a critical issue for wind turbine operators received the 2015 Wilbur Deutsch Memorial Award from the Society of Tribologists and Lubrication Engineers (STLE). Timken researchers solved customer problems in the wind energy sector and underscored the value of Timken wear-resistant bearings in helping to prevent smearing damage to turbine

Des-Case whitepaper: benefits of permanent offline filtration

Editor’s Note: Des-Case, a developer of contamination control products for industrial lubricants, recently released a whitepaper titled “Taking fluid cleanliness to the next level with permanent offline filtration.” In it, the company discusses the benefits of permanent offline filtration solutions over portable units. The introduction of the article is presented here. Download the whitepaper at this link. 

Rotor Blade Extension installation on a hanging blade

One of the advantages of Rotor Blade Extension (RBE) is the way the installation is carried out: on-site and on a hanging blade, avoiding the necessity of heavy cranes and long downtimes. RBE is a product that increases the efficiency of wind turbines, which consists of an additional blade tip segment, fixed at the blade tip

Measuring the performance of extreme-pressure gear oil

In the wind industry, extreme pressure (EP) gear oil, also called anti-scuff oil, has two jobs that are equally important. For one, the oil is expected to provide a high level of protection for a costly turbine component, and second, it has to last for five or more years. The need to meet both criteria

Turbine components: couplings & torque limiters

What challenges do couplings and torque limiters face in wind turbines? Couplings Mechanical couplings connect shafts so one can transmit rotational power to the other. The coupling incorporated onto a high-speed shaft also allows for a degree of misalignment. In wind turbines, flexible couplings are used on the high-speed (output) shaft of the gearbox to

Turbine components: gears & gearboxes

How to ensure a reliable gearbox? Modern gearboxes provide greater reliability to the wind-energy industry thanks to design and operations improvements. These include better bearing selection, design process, manufacturing quality, transportation, lubrication systems and end-of-line testing. Reliability issues will never completely go away, but staying on top of issues can help reduce maintenance costs at

Moventas receives occupational health and safety certification

Moventas, a promoter of wind industry health and safety standards, has received an occupational health and safety certification for its field service. The company has had a documented occupational health and safety system since 2010, and received good feedback on health and safety management from customer audits. This year, Moventas sought for an independent OHSAS 18001 certification

SCHURTER announces VDE and UL approvals for new SMD fuse

SCHURTER offers a new Universal Modular fuse, UMT-H, with a 1500 A breaking capacity at rated voltages of 277 VAC and 250 VDC. The compact, high performance fuse now has VDE approval in addition to UL approval. This time-lag fuse provides over-current and short circuit protection in various industrial control applications, including intrinsically safe applications. The