Tough tubing tasks made much easier

The light, portable TurnPro tool can automatically assemble two ferrules and a high-purity-tube fitting to manufacturer recommendations. The tool is easy to handle because controls in the power house (motor body) accurately measure 1.25 turns from “finger tight” and then shut the motor off. The tool provides a repeatable fitting make-up every time. The tool handles 1/16 to ½ in. heavy-wall tube and tees, crosses, and valves. It also provides data logging for quality control and reduces labor costs by making workers more efficient. Also important, it simplifies overhead installations because workers need only one hand.

The ferrule-tightening adaptor can be swapped for ProCut, a device which makes clean tube cuts even in heavy wall stainless steel fast and efficient. A ProBend head for the same motor body lets operators set needed bend angles for automatic bending, or use a touch button to set bends to any needed position by observation.



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