Wind Talk: GE discusses PowerUp, a way to increase wind farm output by up to 5%

I’m Steven Bushong, assistant editor at Windpower Engineering & Development magazine. Welcome to another edition of Wind Talk, our podcast series that gives you the opportunity to hear from the industry’s newsmakers in their own words.

In this edition, we hear from Jeff Wiener, Global Sales Leader for GE Wind Services, which is part of GE Renewable Energy. The company recently announced its customized software-enabled platform, PowerUp, that can increase a wind farm’s output by up to 5%. In this podcast, Jeff will discuss PowerUp, its benefits, and GE’s role in the wind industry.



  1. Present wind turbine design is aerodynamically unstable, which induces destructive vibrations to blades, shafts, bearings, gears, and conversion equipment. We are pending testing on improvements which should result in a 10% output improvement, plus longer service life.

  2. Penny Melko, Tehachapi Pass says:

    I live in the Tehachapi Pass and a single fact and the only one that matters is that wtgs produce energy only when the wind blows. The weather throughout the area is heating up by a few degrees each year and there is next to no rainfall. The winds no long blow like they did 10 years ago. Wind is intermittent, seasonal and usually only blows at night. Personally, based on my observation, the technology will never “cut it.” Well they do cut down all the birds and bats, come to think about it. This is because the designers didn’t grasp the concept that the sky is also an ecosystem and that grills should have been developed into the design, over the blades, to prevent birds like California condors (less than 100 in the wild), raptors, songbirds and bats from being slaughtered and forced to extinction. Kinda kills the credibility of clean, sustainable, environmentally responsible energy development. There is no rational reason why every one of the wtg isn’t retrofitted with grills immediately. Some of us might even gain a shred of respect for the industry if this design flaw was repaired.

  3. Sir,
    I am working as an Accounts Officer in RRB ENERGY LIMITED at Satara, Maharashtra, India. Our HO is at Chennai, Tamilnadu, India.

    Kindly update me with latest news of Wind Energy globle and relevent to my field…..

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