Titan 200 shows another viable offshore foundation

Developers of the Titan 200 say it becomes it own delivery vessel.

Developers say there are numerous factors which show the Titan Wind Turbine Platform superior to other foundations for offshore wind turbines in water depths over 50 feet. This section discusses all the related factors, evaluates each factor and determines a relative score. The overall cost of installing and operating an offshore wind turbine is the basic consideration. Comments and discussion of each area of concern are given below and given a weighted evaluation:

Heavy lift crane rental

In the case of support equipment requirements, the Titan Platform design eliminates the requirement of heavy lift vessels common in the offshore industry and can cost as much as $100,000 to $200,000 per day (day rate) depending on the specialty of the vessel adding a huge cost to the installation process. These vessels are weather dependent meaning that projects potentially lose scheduled days and valued installed production time (reduced profits) for each day of delay times the number of units, these vessels are also in demand by the oilfield and not always available.

The Tital legs lift the platform above the sea surface.

Therefore, high cost and a lack of dependable equipment are the consideration. Heavy lift vessels are required for moored installations, such as Spars and Pontoons as well to place anchoring structures on the sea floor and the same considerations have to be made.

Titan Platform 
The design is self-installing. After launching, sea water is used to transport the platform. At the time of launch from the shipyard, the Titan Platform becomes a vessel so transportation is accomplished by towing the platform to its assigned location for installation. No assembly is required.

Once at the location, sea water is used to install the platform. The legs of the platform are lowered to the sea floor and ballasted downward. This causes the footings to penetrate the sea floor. As the footings proceed to drive deeper into the sea floor, the vessel is raised above the normal sea level to provide an air gap between the vessel’s bottom and water surface. Eventually, the legs penetrate to their proper depth and convert the vessel into a platform for the support and normal operation of the wind turbine. Thus. the vessel-platform is self-installing and no heavy lift vessel is required.

This system uses a common everyday practice used in the oilfield for the past 50 years which is safe and proven stable. The Titan’s machinery used to lower and raise the legs is completely portable. It can be removed for use on remaining platforms for a given wind farm, or reinstalled later for decommissioning or repairs from storm damage, or used to adjust the platform’s location to gain more efficiency for the pattern of platforms in the production of power.

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