ABB brings reliable electricity to remote communities using integrated microgrids

ABB’s MGS100 has been built to perform in extreme environments, and has the ability to transform lives and businesses for the better in places that struggle to access affordable and reliable electricity. The scalable system can be connected to multiple power sources to provide electricity for remote places that are not connected to the main grid.

It can also be used as reliable back-up power for small commercial and industrial facilities using an inconsistent grid supply, enabling social and economic development. MGS100 brings together all the components required for a sustainable microgrid in a single device, making it extremely versatile and flexible. It can tap into cost-efficient, renewable energy such as solar and wind.

“At ABB we are committed to using the latest technical advancements to support everyone in society and create a new world of opportunity for these often remote and hard to reach communities,” said ABB’s President of Electrification Products, Tarak Mehta. “The MGS100 is the first microgrid solution of its kind that makes access to affordable and reliable power a reality, creating life-changing opportunities, improving basic living standards and unlocking economic development.”

By prioritizing local renewable power during the day, the MGS100 switches to battery mode after dark and only uses an ac generator for the rest of the night if the battery runs out. Any excess energy produced throughout the day is used to charge the batteries. A Seamless transition between the grid and the microgrid allow operations to continue while the grid is down, and battery energy storage minimizes the need to purchase electricity from local utilities.

Encased in a single container, the MGS100 has three power ratings – 20, 40, AND 60-kW nominal load power. Installation is quick and easy, as it is factory tested and embedded dc and ac protections make it ready to connect. With the added benefit of remote monitoring, vital diagnostics are always available and maintenance is simple.

The modular scalable design means that capacity can be increased as and when required, and it can even be connected to the grid if this becomes available.

The MGS100 will be widely available at the end of 2017.

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