Report shows 500 new jobs from Fishermen’s Energy offshore wind project


Fishermen’s Energy deploys a wind data buoy of the coast of Atlantic City, New Jersey.

Fishermen’s Energy released a “Job Creation and Economic Content” report today that documents the jobs that will be created in New Jersey from building and operating its planned demonstration scale offshore wind project off the coast of Atlantic City.

The report shows that the project will create almost 500 jobs and will bring more than $150 million in direct investment into New Jersey.

“This project is just a down payment on job creation,” said Chris Wissemann, CEO of Fishermen’s Energy.  “Iowa took a leadership position in the land-based wind business a decade ago and garnered more than 80 new suppliers and generated more than 3,200 jobs in that state.   New Jersey is poised to do the same in offshore wind.”

“Clean, responsible energy development projects like this bring good-paying jobs to our state and help us modernize New Jersey’s Economy,” said  New Jersey Senator Robert Menendez.

“Weeks is investing in the offshore wind industry.  We have local vessels and personnel ready to build Fishermen’s Energy Atlantic City project,” said Rick Palmer, vice president of Weeks Marine, a leading marine contractor based in New Jersey, stated:

“This industry has created 60,000 jobs in Europe. We would like to bring some of those jobs here,” COO & General Counsel of Fishermen’s Energy Paul Gallagher said.

Atlantic City Mayor Donald Guardian concluded, “with the recent loss of jobs in Atlantic City, jobs from this new industry are all the more important for the future of our city.”

Fishermen’s Energy

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