Why are seals important in wind turbines?

Component design often overlooks the importance of well engineered seals. A properly engineered sealing system increases the mean time between component failures, reduces manufacturing costs associated with the use of exotic coatings, and reduces power consumption due to unnecessarily high friction. Application data required to select a seal includes: •Size – shaft, housing bore, available

Seal material now rated for wider temperature range

The manufacturer of the sealing material Isolast J9440 says it has been improved with a higher operating temperature—up to +240°C —and it’s accredited to the USP Class 6 standard for use in medical and healthcare industries. Isolast J94440 has a continuous operating temperature range (from -7 to 240°C) and is compatible with most media. The

Coating manufacturer makes its 10-millionth gallon

Protective coating manufacturer The Magni Group Inc. will produce its 10-millionth gallon of coating this month. Dave Berry, chairman of the company started a metal finishing company, Depor Industries, near Detroit in 1974. Parent company, The Magni Group Inc., came about after an automotive chemical coating supplier partner moved to license with another local metal finisher; Dave then, decided to develop his own coatings

ISO fits and tolerances? There’s an app for that

An iPhone app, based on the ISO 286 System of Limits and Fits, “ISO Fits & Tolerances,” will help engineers cut time and let them work away from their desks for some tasks. ISO Fits & Tolerances is easy to use. After entering a nominal diameter, select the tolerance classes for bore and shaft. The

Ceramic coating shields generator bearing

In an electric environment, electrolytic corrosion from stray currents threatens bearing performance. NTN’s coated angular contact ball and cylindrical roller bearings, the MEGAOHM Series, insulate the bearings from electric current. A special ceramic coating applied to the outer surface and side faces of the outer ring prevents current from passing though the bearing. The design

Waterproof switch covers for circuit breakers

Waterproof switch covers for circuit breaker panel enclosures are made from silicone transparent rubber per MIL-STD ZZR 765. A molded design keeps out dirt and moisture. The breaker covers can be placed over the circuit breaker and bonded to the panel, or applied behind the panel and shaped to fit between the breaker and the

A better way to infusion mold blades

Infusion molding is one way to make large composite structures such as turbine blades. Briefly, fiber plies and other materials are laid in a mold, covered and sealed with a flexible film, subjected to a vacuum, and infused with catalyzed resin. The method allows pulling air-free resin throughout the material. But the method has relied

A super seal for temperature extremes

Isolast J9876, a recent perfluoroelastomer, provides the most comprehensive media resistance at elevated temperatures of any perfluoroelastomer on the market, according to its developer. Seals in this material, from Trelleborg Sealing Solutions, extend their life in aggressive, high-temperature environments at an optimized cost-to-performance ratio. Equipment suppliers and process managers benefit from the advantages of a

Many seals for turbine tasks

There is a lot of sealing work in a nacelle. Hydraulic equipment, of course, needs them along with areas such as where blades meet hubs. These must all be weather tight yet allow rotation. Simrit Americas, Plymouth, Mich., manufacturers several designs in a range of materials for these applications. For instance: Simmerring seals meet and