Cybersecurity software provides risk analyses and protection

ARES Security plays a large role in the security industry and in protecting our critical infrastructure and public safety markets. We employ and have relationships with many industry experts and subject matter experts. The software is installed in approximately 53% of the nuclear facilities and 33% of the top tier ports in America. While the company may be small, it is doing big things.

AVERT BluTrain is for security forces and their management to instruct on tactics, techniques, and procedures using a 3D representation of their actual facility.

Company’s solutions fall into two categories:

  • AVERT provides tools to perform state of the art risk assessments of client facilities.
    • AVERT Physical Security – Produces a virtual model of the physical facilities on a site, and analyzes the performance of the site’s physical security configurations against a variety of threats including terrorism.
    • AVERT All Hazards – AVERT All Hazards upgrades the solution to include advanced behavior modules and natural disaster simulations. With the addition of natural disaster modules, clients can ensure that they have the most effective security and response plans possible.
    • AVERT BluTrain –  Is designed specifically for security forces and their management to instruct on tactics, techniques, and procedures using a 3-D representation of their actual facility. The software allows clients to use virtual representations of your facility to build security awareness and test response procedures and tactics.
  • ASSURE (the solution) provides tools to protect client facilities in real-time.
    • ASSURE CommandBridge – Integrates most, if not all, clients’ systems and sensors into one common operating picture and adds context allowing clients to access/use all their systems from one screen and make quick, informed decision.
    • ASSURE Mobile – A mobile version of CommandBridge, allows decision makers and dispatchers to keep first responders informed without delay.
    • ASSURE Cyber – Offers an advanced, unified solution that combines machine-based learning with 24/7 human monitoring to provide clients with the tools to stop reacting to cyber-attacks/hacks and begin predicting, detecting and defending against them.

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