Siemens and PAS Global partner to provide monitoring and cybersecurity for industrial control systems

Siemens and PAS Global, a provider of industrial control system (ICS) cybersecurity solutions, announced an agreement to provide fleet-wide, real-time monitoring for ICSs. By leveraging the unique capabilities of both companies, this partnership will provide customers with a couple benefits.

Siemens-PAS Partnership

Siemens and PAS Global have partnered to make it possible for customers of ICS to detect and respond effectively to attacks on an operating environment.

  1. The deep analytics required to identify and inventory proprietary assets; and
  2.  The visibility to detect and respond effectively to attacks across the operating environment.

As the utilities and energy sectors become increasingly digital to achieve revenue and efficiency gains, there is a corresponding need to identify cyber threats at their earliest stages – going beyond compliance regulations to secure operations.

Organizations in these sectors must defend their entire digital footprint against persistent and highly sophisticated cyber threats without disrupting business processes.

According to recent research conducted by Ponemon Institute on the state of cybersecurity in the U.S. oil and gas industry, deployment of cybersecurity measures in the industry is not keeping pace with the growth of digitalization in energy operations. Just 35% of survey respondents rate their organization’s OT cyber readiness as high. Respondents (about 68%) say their organization experienced at least one cyber compromise, while 61% say their organization’s industrial control systems protection and security is not adequate.

The Siemens-PAS global strategic partnership bridges the visibility gap for distributed, legacy control assets to provide a comprehensive view into fleet security. Focused on gathering detailed configuration data down to the sensor, the Siemens-PAS partnership will enable customers to secure proprietary systems in multi-vendor environments – guarding against cyber attacks and unauthorized engineering changes.

As an industrial technology provider for more than 165 years, Siemens has an inherent and holistic understanding of how to manage cyber risk in complex operating environments. A leader in the OT industry, Siemens brings to the partnership deep domain know-how and solutions for OT cyber, including security program design, security lifecycle management, plant security monitoring, and incident response.

“With smarter, integrated automation comes a difficult challenge that has repercussions from the boardroom to facility operations: ICS cybersecurity,” said Eddie Habibi, founder, and CEO of PAS Global. “It is generally well understood that you cannot secure what you cannot see. That is why accurate, up-to-date visibility of system inventory is a fundamental element of any cybersecurity solution. Our partnership with Siemens delivers a managed security service that covers the entire industrial enterprise.”

For more than two decades, PAS has solved operational and security challenges for leading chemical, refining, and power companies across the globe. Its best-in-class Cyber Integrity solution provides foundational inventory management that covers all the major cyber assets found in plants. The solution detects new or missing devices, aggregates configuration data at the asset level, baselines security-related data to monitor for change, and captures system interdependencies.

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