Bladeless Wind Turbines Leave Much Room For Improvement

Bladeless wind turbines are less efficient than conventional wind turbines, but multiple bladeless wind turbines can be installed in the same area required for one conventional wind turbine. This increases the overall amount of power generated from the site. Bladeless wind turbines are claimed to be much less noisy than conventional wind turbines. This will eliminate a major restraint on the use of wind turbines in residential areas. Due to their lack of blades, bladeless wind turbines also pose no threat to birds. Due to their lack of moving parts, bladeless wind turbines entail lower maintenance costs than conventional wind turbines. Despite their several advantages, bladeless wind turbines are a fresh development and are thus relatively untested. This is a major restraint on the global bladeless wind turbines market and more research is needed before the technology can be implemented on a large scale.

Bladeless wind turbine

Bladeless wind turbine generators contain only a few moving parts. They help eliminate noise and pose no threat to birds.

On the flip side, bladeless wind turbines, being at a nascent stage, are less efficient in the conversion of captured wind power into electrical energy, thus limiting their implementation on a large scale. However, the manufacturing of bladeless wind turbines using advanced technology and enhanced materials is likely to boost the demand for these turbines in the forthcoming years.

Bladeless wind turbines contain only a few moving parts. They not only help in eliminating noise but also don’t pose a threat to birds. This makes them more advanced than their earlier counterparts. Moreover, the lower cost of manufacturing and maintenance of these turbines is contributing to an increase in their demand. In addition to lower costs, these turbines do not suffer a large drop in power. As a result, more bladeless wind turbines can be installed per unit area than conventional wind turbines. These factors, collectively, are propelling the growth of the global bladeless wind turbines market.

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