Natural Power to deliver blade inspection services on behalf of DONG Energy

Following a successful tender process, Natural Power has been selected to deliver blade inspection services on behalf of DONG Energy at wind farms in the UK, Denmark, and Germany.

Offshore wind assessment

Natural Power’s dedicated in-house inspection team uses a semi-automated data capture solution, producing high-resolution imaging and processing software to assess the health of new and aging turbine blades, both on and off.

“As an independent provider, we can offer a cost effective and flexible service when it comes to turbine inspections,” stated Craig Gordon, Global Head of Inspections at Natural Power. “Selected for our ability to deliver best practice and operational efficiency, we are delighted to be working with DONG Energy on its international portfolio.”

There are 260 wind turbines covered under this framework, where this inspection program will inform maintenance and repair schedules to ensure the turbines are delivering optimal performance. Natural Power has already delivered turbine blade inspections at DONG’s London Array, Westermost Rough, and Walney Wind Farms, and is now preparing for mobilization at Lincs Wind Farm.

“Natural Power has demonstrated clear understanding and commitment to the growing needs of inspection and maintenance in offshore wind and is proactively working to build on a strong track record of quality and efficiency,” said Chris Rowland, UK Field Manager in Inspection Management at DONG Energy.

Natural Power’s specialist team has a strong track record in the delivery of blade inspections, commissioning and end-of-warranty inspections along with turbine health checks, due diligence inspections, endoscopic drive train inspections, and portable vibration analysis. The team has the ability to mobilize quickly and can effectively co-ordinate logistics and complimentary services. Combining strong working relationships with other leading industry partners, Natural Power aims to save clients’ time and ensure maximum output from their assets.

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