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Featured Articles & Products

  • Cloud-based iTITE assists with bolting procedures

    Based on the material of the bolts, the bolting procedures of iTITE determines how much bolt stress can be generated. [Read More]

  • May I see the Calibration Certificate for your Torque Wrench?

    Many companies make the same mistake every year assuming their torque tools are accurate and in working order. They also assume factory torque charts are correct and a certified gauge ensures tool accuracy. It’s a hazardous assumption because calibrated power tools frequently are not performing as expected. Although there are other ways of establishing the [Read More]

  • Electric torque gun shortens longer hydraulic jobs

    One maintenance company’s standard procedure for rechecking rotor blade bolts was to loosen then re-torque the 54 bolts on each of about 200 turbines. That’s a total of 10,800 blade bolts and a time consuming task. Some turbines require the task at three months after commissioning, and again in one year. One crew’s previous method [Read More]