As a components and system supplier ARGO-HYTOS is an essential part in the supply chain of the world market leaders when it comes to mobile working machinery and mechanical engineering. ARGO-HYTOS has established an international network of production and distribution companies to provide the full support our successful global customers are accustomed to. We offer customer-oriented added value and expertise at the customers’ location. With modern technical challenges becoming more complex as time goes on, it is vital to find system partners who can offer an integrated approach supported by outstanding experience, which they can contribute to projects and offer solutions for fluid power technology.

We view ourselves as an international partner implementing innovative and individually designed system solutions together with our customers. The basis for this is a wide modular product range which can be flexibly expanded to customized solutions. Thereby we draw on our entire wealth of know-how and give new impetus to modern fluid power technology, time and again. ARGO-HYTOS owns a number of patents and in many cases has set new standards in its industry.

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  • Trends in filters 2014

    Gearbox breathers are the first line of defense against airborne contaminants. The devices let the gearbox take in air as it cools while filtering water vapor and solid contaminants before they enter the fluid system. When gearboxes warm up, breathers should let expanding air escape while keeping oil mist and splash inside. When a breather [Read More]

  • The new filter material, 10EX2, is available in all other common or standards filtration grades.

    Filter captures smaller particles at higher flow rates

    Matthias Jung /Product Manager for Filter Elements / Argo Hytos GmbH / Recent detailed analysis of fluid flow through a range of filter materials has led to a better understanding of conditions inside a working hydraulic-fluid filter. The work has let our company identify the key factors responsible for pressure loss in the folded material. The [Read More]

  • Equipment World: Five of the latest wind products

    How dirty is the oil? Particle counter tells OPCom II is an optical particle monitor. It consists of a measurement cell through which oil flows, a laser, and a photo diode. The laser shines through the measurement cell and strikes the photo diode. If a particle passes through the laser beam, it reduces the detection [Read More]

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