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Aurora Bearing Company has come to be known a world leader in the rod end and spherical bearing industry. Our highly knowledgeable engineering staff is always ready to assist in applications where motion transfer is needed. In the early 1970's Aurora pioneered the application of mass production techniques to the two-piece rod end design, introducing this type of bearing to many commercial and industrial applications. With over 125 years of combined experience in the bearing industry, our engineers have the expertise and field experience necessary to assist with design, troubleshooting, or to simply answer any question you may have about rod ends or spherical bearings. Our engineers will work with you to develop practical, cost effective solutions to all of your bearing needs.

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  • All steel metric rod end bearings survive high load environments

    Aurora Bearing Company’s CM-M and CW-M series metric male and female rod end bearings feature a 1 piece steel race way, machined integral to the steel body, cold formed around a chrome plated, alloy steel ball for strength, precision and structural integrity.  Their design and materials specifically address a common failing in economy grade metric [Read More]

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