Beckhoff Automation

Automation Solutions for Economically Viable Alternative Energy

Beckhoff provides advanced and open automation products for the wind and solar industries. Whether your business is in wind turbines, photovoltaic production, machine design or the operation of wind/solar power plants, Beckhoff’s dynamic PC-based control solutions can help make alternative energy initiatives economically viable. With performance-enhancing and cost-reducing automation solutions for everything from wind turbine and solar panel manufacturing machines to solar tracking systems and pitch control for wind turbines, Beckhoff Automation provides standardized, scalable and modular control systems.

Beckhoff’s flexible and cost-effective product range is based upon well-proven technologies, including: Industrial PCs, automation software, I/O terminals, fieldbus components, Industrial Ethernet technologies and high performance motion control.  Beckhoff Automation enables its customers to create scalable and modular control platforms that succeed in alternative energy applications today and well into the future.

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