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Castrol is focused on all lubrication areas of your wind turbine, using proven application expertise and advanced products to deliver solutions that provide reliable and economical performance. Working with key component manufacturers, we can better understand the technical demands of the industry and deliver innovative technology.
Castrol offers a range of wind turbine-specific lubricants which are now the chosen ‘first fill’ lubricants for some of the world’s major turbine manufacturers and recommended by bearing and gearbox suppliers globally.
Castrol Industrial has more than 25 years’ experience in the wind energy market and its lubricants were used in the world’s first wind energy projects in the early 1980s. Castrol Industrial helps customers maximize efficiency and minimize downtime.

Castrol Industrial is part of the Castrol brand which now employs over 12,000 people in more than 130 countries, working at the forefront of advanced lubricant technology.

Featured Articles & Products

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