Exelon Corporation

Exelon has one of the nation’s cleanest and lowest-cost power generation portfolios, with 55 percent nuclear, 28 percent natural gas and 9 percent hydro, wind, solar and other clean generation. Exelon has made numerous investments to prepare for the nation’s transition to cleaner air as the Clean Air Act is enforced. The company is executing a plan to invest billions of dollars in cost-efficient, clean energy projects between 2010 and 2015, including a comprehensive nuclear uprate program to further increase its clean generation portfolio. In addition, the company manages load response programs for commercial and industrial customers across the Unites States and Canada.

Featured Articles & Products

  • Exelon to deploy GE’s Predix software across its entire energy generation fleet

    GE announced an enterprise-wide software agreement with Exelon, a Fortune 100 energy company. This agreement includes integration and deployment of GE’s entire suite of Predix* software applications across Exelon Generation’s fleet of wind, solar, hydroelectric, nuclear, and natural gas facilities. The digital technology will be used to improve power plant reliability and performance. The software agreement is also a [Read More]

  • RES announces sale of the Bluestem Wind Project to Exelon Generation

    Renewable Energy Systems (RES), a leader in the development, engineering, construction, and operation of wind and energy storage projects, announced the sale of the Bluestem Wind Project toExelon Generation, one of the nation’s leading power producers. Exelon Generation is the nation’s 12th largest wind producer with a combined 1,500 megawatts of wind generation and more [Read More]

  • Suzlon renews Exelon Wind’s service agreement for five years

    Exelon Wind recently selected Suzlon Wind Energy Corporation’s (SWECO) OMS team to continue to maintain its 333 Suzlon wind turbine generators (600 MW). The five-year service agreement continues a long-standing relationship between Exelon and SWECO, which has focused on high turbine availability and energy production. “Exelon is our corporation’s largest customer,” said Duncan Koerbel, Suzlon [Read More]