Frontier Pro Services

Frontier Pro Services is the leader in providing technical services to the wind industry. O&M services including OEM maintenance, composite (blade) inspections and repair, and commissioning services. FPS holds more patents than any other wind service company, including blade root repair and dynamic rotor balance.

Monitek provides wind turbine specific, integrated data acquisition hardware and software systems, designed by our own vibration analysts, CME engineers, drive train experts, and turbine operators with 20 years’ experience. Monitek also provides oil and grease analysis, including wear debris and spectrographic analysis.

Spin Trends is the leader in providing physical inspections, specializing in the wind turbine drive train. Their certified inspectors have completed more than 10,000 individual gearbox inspections on 38 wind turbine platforms. Their inspection & reporting process is world class as evidenced by their customer enthusiasm.

Featured Articles & Products

  • Wear debris analysis report

    Think grease analysis to monitor slow moving bearings

    Vibration sensors used to monitor bearings that spin at 10 rpm or more do a reasonably good job of listening for trouble. Such sensors are sufficient detecting problems in gears and bearings almost as the first wear appears. But what about bearings that barely move, such as pitch bearings? They don’t turn more than a [Read More]