Henkel Corporation, a global leader in adhesives, structural bonders, sealants, lubricants and maintenance/repair chemicals offers many innovative solutions for wind turbine manufacturing (OEM) and the aftermarket (O & M). For OEMs, Henkel offers composite mold-release agents and a GL-approved high-performance polyurethane adhesive for rotor blade assembly that provides superior long-term dynamic fatigue strength. Our O & M program offers products engineered for the maintenance and repair of blades, nacelles, towers and bases. These include polyurethane compounds for blade edge and tip repair, structural bonders, component sealers, threadlockers and retaining compounds, corrosion protection, non-slip safety coatings, base grouts, cable and flange sealants and cleaners.

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    Loctite Anti-Seize lubricants from Henkel receive Navy qualification

    The Department of the Navy (Naval Sea Systems Command) recently granted MIL-PRF-907F qualification status to two anti-seize products from Henkel Corporation. Formulated to prevent seizing, galling, and corrosion on metals, Loctite C5-A Copper-Based Anti-Seize and Loctite Silver Grade Anti-Seize resist high temperatures, heavy loads, chemicals, fluids and vibration, and are available in general-purpose, metal-free, food-grade, [Read More]

  • How threadlockers reduce failure and improve safety on wind structures

    Doug Lascarbeau, Anaerobic Technology Director Ed Fisher, Senior Market Application Engineer Henkel Corp. Damage and mechanical failures on wind turbines happen most often on blades, in gear boxes, on generators, drive trains, and brake assemblies all of which are housed in the nacelle. Access to these areas on a large commercial turbine requires that maintenance professionals [Read More]

  • Loctite issues a Windpower Maintenance Solutions Guide to O&M Products for Blades, Nacelles, Towers, and Bases

    Henkel Corporation, a manufacturer of maintenance and repair chemicals, provides innovative solutions for even the most challenging problems associated with wind turbine assemblies. The company says its O&M program includes a portfolio of products engineered for the assembly, installation, maintenance and repair of blades, nacelles, towers and bases. Products include: • Structural bonding adhesives • Component [Read More]

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