Moventas Gears Wind Services

As one of the world’s leading gear manufacturers, Moventas offers power transmission solutions to a range of industries including wind energy, as well as comprehensive services for the overhaul, maintenance, and remote management of gears. Highlights of Moventas’ award winning service programs include...

Up-Tower Service
Moventas up-tower services include full helical side gear repairs consisting of the high, intermediate and low speed assemblies and bearings as well as the planetary sun pinion. No one does more up-tower!

Mobil Service Workshops
Designed to support Moventas’ up-tower program, Moventas’ self-contained, mobile workshops are outfitted with a retractable roof, stocked with proprietary up-tower tools, and equipped with oil change, cutting and welding capabilities.

Multi-sensor Condition Management
CMaS, Moventas’ gear condition management system, performs vibration analysis and tracks changes in oil condition and particle counts every 15 minutes allowing it to catch potential problems that would otherwise be missed by vibration analysis alone - often months in advance. Using CMaS, customers are able to avoid potential failures and proactively plan repairs before serious problems occur.