The Magni Group, Inc.

The Magni Group, Inc. is the leading industry supplier of protective metal coatings with over 100 varieties of specifically engineered chrome-free coatings available world-wide.

Since 1974, top manufacturing engineers have chosen Magni for superior corrosion resistance, consistent performance and cost effectiveness. Magni has over 20 company-owned operations in North America, Japan, China, India, Europe and Brazil and over 100 applicator licensed partners located across six continents. Today’s large scale wind machines have Magni coatings on their metal components with Magni “paint” on M12-M45 size fasteners, screws, various nuts, studs and washers. Our duplex fastener coating system combines an inorganic zinc-rich basecoat with an aluminum-rich organic topcoat. Friction modifiers are integrated into our topcoat, which allows for repeatable torque tension characteristics during assembly.

Magni Coatings are can come in customizable colors for camouflage or cosmetic purposes and can be used in treated lumber. Magni coatings have many benefits, including: low coating thickness, resistance to automotive fuels and fluids, no hydrogen embrittlement concerns, integrated lubricity and RoHS, WEE, and ELV compliance. For more details about Magni’s coatings on metal wind components, fasteners, latches, fuel tanks, mufflers, brake rotors, chassis, pipes and tubing.