Small wind education helps consumers avoid mistakes

Editor’s Note: As posted on WINDExchange, the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) Wind Program’s platform for disseminating credible information about wind energy, this release has been derived from audio from Mia Devine. Devine is the Northwest SEED Project Manager, a non-profit organization dedicated to educating and empowering communities to develop their own solutions for conservation

3D printed wind turbines help remote communities gain sustainable power

When it comes to energy, finding a sustainable clean energy alternative to fossil fuels is one of the most talked about engineering challenges. Wind power is a very popular alternative due to its lack of emissions, and it can be applied to virtually any environment. While we’re working to develop mass-scale clean power solutions, it’s

Small wind fleet hits over 2 million hours in less than 3 yrs

A manufacturer of advanced distributed 5 to 50 kW wind turbines and future manufacturer of Norwin’s mid-size wind turbines, is pleased to announce that its E-3120, 50 kW wind turbine has successfully reached more than two million fleet hours of operation in less than three years. Endurance commissioned its first E-3120 50 kW wind turbine

White paper: Wind turbine generator safety compliance in the U.S and Canada

A report published by Intertek: Wind Turbine Generator Safety Compliance in the United States and Canada, identifies the most common issues faced by manufacturers of wind turbine generators and components and providing them, as well as customers and investors, with information on how to improve the overall wind turbine, product-safety certification. The white paper, authored

The big guys learn financing from the little ones

Community wind projects provide a wealth of information about what works and what doesn’t when financing a utility-scale project.

Small wind a big part of Solar and Wind Expo

Small wind was a highlight of the Solar and Wind Expo ( a consumer-oriented renewable energy event recently held in Baltimore. Several small-wind companies exhibiting were enthusiastic about the event and its attendees. “They came to see and learn about the latest in renewable energy equipment,” said Gary K. Sorrelle, a wind specialist with Atech

Is it a chimney…or a turbine?

Wind turbines on houses are not always practical because some home owner associations would object to the noise it might make, or neighborhoods that restrict changes in aesthetics. A U.K. inventor may have solved the problem with a design called the Secret Energy Turbine (SET) because it disguises the turbine as part of a chimney.

Small wind certification testing goes regional

The DOE recently announced the selection of four partners to establish small wind Regional Test Centers (RTCs) to conduct tests on small wind turbines to meet national and international standards.  These awards provide funding, training, and technical support for each Regional Test Center so they may conduct testing on two small wind turbines to support

Analyzing building-integrated wind

Russell M. Tencer/CEO, Wind Products LLC/New York, NY Controversy seems to follow the installation of wind turbines on building rooftops, and for good reason. On one hand, there can be considerable wind with harvestable kinetic energy at roof level. Accessing this clean, renewable source of power can be a good way for building owners to

Wind-turbine manufacturer adds solar interest, changes name

Earth Turbines Inc, Williston, Vermont, the state’s only manufacturer of small scale grid-connected wind and solar tracking systems, announces a corporate name change to AllEarth Renewables Inc. “Our company is dedicated to developing new wind and solar technologies,” says David Blittersdorf, CEO and president of AllEarth Renewables.  “We want to be sure that our corporate