Vaisala’s MHT410 boosts efficiencies in transformer condition assessment

MHT410, for instance, quickly delivers accurate hydrogen and moisture data directly from transformer oil.

Safely managing electrical power assets at wind farms

By Kerry Heid, President & CEO Shermco Industries This article is part of Windpower Engineering & Development’s February 2017 issue. A complete digital version of the issue is here. A few years ago, the InterNational Electrical Testing Association (NETA — an organization that offers standards and accreditation of third-party electrical testing) conducted a study that showed 23%

Vaisala study shows real-time transformer monitoring essential to avoid blackouts

In 2003, the worst blackout in U.S. history affected 50 million people and cost $6bn in damage. According to the DOE, power failures cost American businesses up to $150 billion per year. And what’s contributing to these blackouts and power failures? When left unchecked, moisture and dissolved gasses within aging power infrastructure leave the country

Making of the modern offshore substation

By Maryruth Belsey Priebe IQPC GmbH Offshore substations — the systems that collect and export the power generated by turbines through specialized submarine cables — are an essential component of offshore wind farms, especially at large, multi-megawatt sites. These systems serve an important function: to stabilize and maximize the voltage of power generated offshore, reduce

GE to provide 5-MW converters to support China’s offshore wind market

Driven by energy security, decarburization and industrial benefit, the Chinese government has set up an ambitious plan to achieve 30-GW installations by 2020 in the offshore wind industry. China’s offshore industry has seen robust growth over the past few years. GE’s Power Conversion business, a sub-business of GE Energy Connections, is set to provide its proven

Iberdrola awards Navantia new substation for UK offshore wind farm

Iberdrola has awarded Navantia Puerto Real contract worth almost €65 million to build a substation for the East Anglia One offshore wind farm, which the electric utility is currently developing in English water. The 714-MW East Anglia One will be one of the largest offshore wind farms in the world when it is commissioned in the

Power sector performance still hampered by transformer monitoring inefficiencies, says Vaisala

Advanced dissolved gas analysis (DGA) methods are commonly used for assessing large power transformers in the international power-generation and transmission sector. However, there is still scope for improvement to their reliability and cost-effectiveness. Vaisala, a global provider of environmental and industrial measurement, has highlighted that false alarms from on-site DGA systems and errors during routine oil

Planning for crises on the balance-of-plant

By Bruce Hammett, President WECS Electric Throughout the life of every wind farm, many challenges arise that will need attention to keep its turbines generating power. What begins with choices concerning turbine size and proper installation leads to decision on O&M and repairs. Typically, the more proactive and organized a site owner, the better. However,

Ingeteam improves DFIG’s fault ride through behavior with crowbarless solution

The Crowbarless solution presents behavioral advantages in issues related to weak grids or grid fault events, allowing Doubly fed induction generators to overcome previous technical constraints and hence comply with the strictest grid codes.

ABB Transformer Intelligence lets NA utilities boost efficiency, cut costs

Innovative “smart today, smarter tomorrow” solution helps power companies overcome the challenge of aging infrastructure while ensuring the flexibility and scalability required to meet future requirements.