Vaisala launches online monitor for transformer-dissolved gas analysis

Power transformers are critical in the energy generation and transmission, but also one of the key vulnerabilities. This is because any transformer downtime will lead to substantial financial losses and to energy shortfalls for national grids. Repairs and replacements can take months, greatly increasing associated business interruption costs. Efficient condition monitoring is one of the

Now in the U.S.: MIDEL’s natural, fire-safe ester transformer fluid

MIDEL natural ester-based transformer fluid (MIDEL eN) is a fire-safe, natural, ester-based dielectric fluid that has been specifically developed to offer a cost-effective alternative to traditional fluid and dry-type transformers. The product is now manufactured, sold, and distributed in the United States. “We are delighted to bring MIDEL eN to the United States,” said Alonso Castillo,

Technology trends in offshore wind farm substations

This Research Note examines the market dynamics influencing substation technology choices for offshore wind projects in Europe.

N.Y. Power authority wins two awards for research on power line failures, worker safety

The New York Power Authority has received two Electric Power Research Institute Technology Transfer Awards for research that sheds new light on how crucial components of transmission lines can fail and on conditions that can jeopardize the safety of workers working on energized lines.

NK Technologies releases 2016 product catalog

The catalog is available in both a printed and electronic PDF version.

GE to provide 1 GW of wind converters and become key technology partner to Sewind

Spinning high off the shores of Jiangsu and Fujian provinces in China stand the avant garde of China’s renewable energy future: wind farms that will enable the country to reach an installed wind-power capacity of 200 GW by the end of 2020*. Outpacing the Chinese government’s own projections, the rapid growth speaks of the immense

Ingeteam Wind business unit celebrates 20th anniversary

Ingeteam Wind business unit is celebrating its 20th anniversary, marking two decades of growth and success in the global wind industry. Since the manufacture of its first power converter named INGECON WIND in 1995, the company has enjoyed steady growth and managed to consistently stay ahead of the curve. During the first semester of 2015 alone,

UK’s Collett & Sons Ltd shows how to move a 200-ton transformer

With construction underway on Burbo Bank (wind farm) Extension, DONG Energy required the delivery and installation of two 200-ton transformers at their onshore substation. Once constructed, the substation will allow the 32 turbine offshore wind farm to connect to the national grid. Handling delivery of the transformers into the UK, SDV UK Ltd called upon

Vaisala tackles transformer downtime with unique monitoring device

Vaisala, a global provider of environmental and industrial measurements, offers a unique in-oil condition-monitoring probe that provides critical early warning information to track transformer faults. The new Moisture, Hydrogen, and Temperature Transmitter -MHT410 device is designed to help power and energy utilities minimize transformer-related downtime. Vaisala has already shipped the first customer orders. High-voltage transformers are

PowerWindings says its transformer design cuts up to 30% off manufacturing

Greg Waite, CEO of InventionShare, has announced that the PowerWindings transformer design is a significant breakthrough in transformer manufacturing, and so much so that manufacturers can reduce the cost of a transformer by up to 30% using existing tooling and manufacturing processes. PowerWindings designs were developed by two senior inventors with over 30 years of