Simulation-design software for transformers and reactors

Developing new generations of transformers and line reactors is said to simplify and accelerate thanks to a software toolbox from the Vector Fields Software product line of Cobham Technical Services. A 3D Transformer Environment (TE3D) provides a graphical user interface for quickly designing transformers and reactors using Cobham’s Opera-3D finite element, electromagnetic simulation package. TE3D

Monitoring transformers key to predictive maintenance

Mike Dickinson, Pacific Coast Transformers, Transformers serve as a hub for collection and distribution of energy changing the voltage level at different locations of the grid. They are a key component of the Smart Grid, loosely defined as an automated, widely distributed energy delivery network, characterized by a two-way flow of electricity and information,

Electrical & Electronic Components 101

Motors and drives Nacelles on utility-scale turbines are filled with motors, drives, and controls. The latter devices are part of the turbine controls that tell motors what to do. In just a few tasks, electric motors pitch the blades on turbines to capture the most power from the available wind. Motors on yaw drives keep the