How to make a wind turbine at home

There are many ways we can help cut the cost of electricity in our homes. Some homeowners unplug gadgets and appliances when not in use. Others line dry clothes instead of using the dryer. While most install ceiling fans throughout the home taking much of the load off air conditioners. But have you ever thought of making or installing your own wind turbines? Some estimates say it is possible to generate 200 to 720 kWh of electricity per month, depending on wind capacity. Here are a few DIY and low-cost methods to spark ideas on how to make a wind turbine at home.

Here are a few DIY and low-cost methods to spark ideas for your home.

1. A step-by-step of a small turbine and how much power it can generate.


2. Building a wind turbine best suited for the yard.


3. WindEnergy7 LLC mounts multiple wind turbines on a roof as a means of personal power generation.


  1. tq for information

  2. Was looking for this stuff but found only the ego on your site. More precisely and concisely than you none the material is presented.

  3. Yeah, energy today is moving at a faster pace, not like ten years ago.

  4. vikram sing walia says:

    we have to make the windmill near the house

  5. vikram sing walia says:

    we have to make a home windmill

  6. sridharan.s says:

    How much will it cost to make the first type shown above?

    Give the details of accessories required…

  7. I really like how you build the turbine with an alternator is it possible to send some pictures and details about the how the wire was hooked up to alternator how many watts turbine give you ?thank you

  8. Pretty cool IMHO, and thought you might like

  9. I am sorry you feel that way Marc. The blog was meant to be light-hearted and fun. I checked out your Website and was delighted to find that WindFarmer Power and Light offers residential wind turbines. This is awesome. Please send me some information and I may be able to use it in the future.

    Thanks Nic

  10. Thanks for the figures Allen!

  11. Jeff,

    Thanks for the information!

  12. Jeff Wilson says:

    roof top turbines are next to worthless, one needs to get the turbine into clear air; good book for homebuilt turbines:

  13. Jeff Wilson says:

    check out Hugh Piggotts’ designs at Scoraig Wind Electric:
    Roof top turbine are next to worthless, you need to get them up above surface disturbances. Do your homework.

  14. Loren Chilson says:

    The generation amounts stated above ( 200 to 720 ) should have units (kilowatt-hour), as this is the correct unit used when referring to either utility plant production or utility customer usage…

  15. Wow what crap. I can’t believe that a publication like yours would post such misleading garbage. The only thing worse would be a PVC roof mounted vertical axis machine. Come on guys. Were is the unsubscribe button? Oh there it is………….

  16. Allen Windhorn says:

    I assume the author means “200-720 kWH per month”. That’s about $22-80 savings at my rates — enough to make it attractive as a hobby project if the cost of materials can be kept low.

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