ZaGo sealing fasteners & components keep lube in, dirt out


These machine screws are ready-to-use, because they do not require any preparation or clean-up.

ZaGO’s military standard parts have met the strict specifications of both the Metric Standard and NASM82496. ZaGO’s MS3212/MS3213 parts are time-tested and pressure tested. The company says it is the only manufacturer of sealing screws capable of performing NASM specified pressure testing.

Users depend on cutting edge-machinery to do some of the most complicated, vital tasks out there. Whether extraordinary performance for military, medical, or industrial equipment is needed, ZaGO’s self-sealing machine screws will protect your gear.

The array of cutting-edge machine screws will serve as a solution for any particular, nuanced challenge. Each screw is equipped with a captive “O” ring which fits various head styles. The “O” ring sealing element acts as a total barrier against external or internal forces such as water, dirt, or air contaminants which can otherwise penetrate and ruin the system.

Our machine screws will continue to exceed user expectations for years on end, as they are reusable and vibration-resistant. In the case of extreme vibration, ZaGO offers self-locking strips, pellets and patches which absorb vibration and protect the integrity of the screw.

The exclusive “O” ring technology shuts out any external elements, thus protecting your equipment in all environments if right drive recess head style, “O” ring material and screw material are chosen.


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