Webinar: ecoCMS – Affordable and Effective CMS

This webinar was originally broadcast on Thursday, October 20, 2016.





Deploying condition monitoring systems (CMS) for wind turbines does not need to be expensive or complicated. Romax InSight’s new condition monitoring system, ecoCMS, has overcome this barrier and is enabling wind farm owners and operators to minimize costs and improve operations and maintenance practices.

This webinar will use real-world examples from the field to demonstrate how ecoCMS was used to detect faults on main bearings, planet bearings and other gearbox components on a wide range of wind turbines including GE 1.5 MW, Vestas V80 and Siemens 2.3 MW machines.

In addition to the hardware, data processing and analysis are also key to detecting faults in the drivetrain. This webinar will also demonstrate the software tools that Romax’s monitoring team uses to successfully monitor over 3.5 GW of assets every day.

The webinar will include:

  • How to monitor your turbines using low cost CMS hardware
  • Real-world examples from the field
  • Price comparison of ecoCMS vs. other CMS vendors
  • Improvements to O&M practices that can be achieved using better condition monitoring
  • Live Q&A with experts

Who should attend:

  • Owners and Operators
  • Operation & Maintenance Engineers & Managers
  • Asset Managers
  • Plant Managers
  • Condition Monitoring Engineers & Analysts

Learn more about how Romax InSight’s ecoCMS can improve O&M practices and reduce costs: www.romaxtech.com/ecocms


Dr Jjohn-coultate-headshotohn Coultate, Head of Engineering Development, Romax Technology
John is Head of Engineering Development in Romax Technology’s InSight division. His experience includes analysis, design assessment and failure investigation for wind turbine drivetrains, research and development and condition monitoring. John has worked at Romax for 10 years and has a PhD in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Nottingham, UK.


michelle-fMichelle Froese, Moderator, Wind Power Engineering and Development
With a decade of experience writing and editing for the renewable energy industry, Michelle Froese has long developed an interest in wind power. Along with her commitment to environmental stewardship, Michelle enjoys learning and sharing thought-provoking information that might one day help change our world for the better.



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