Webinar: A Holistic Solution to Premature Failures

This webinar was originally broadcast on Tuesday, December 13, 2016.

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Premature Component failures plague our industry and hurt your bottom line. To control the damage, a holistic approach is needed. Many approaches have provided incremental improvements but not a cure. What if there was a force multiplier that not only enhances other reliability improvements but also allows implementation of performance enhancements at lower risk? This webinar will provide an overview of the real world loads that damage your turbines and demonstrate how controlling these loads will improve compete system reliability.

Participants will learn:

  • The damaging effects of uncontrolled inertial loads – real world field data
  • How torsional control is a force multiplier to other reliability improvements
  • Connecting the dots: how transient loads lead to failures
  • How to safely implement performance enhancement – more power at lower risk




Doug Herr, VP of Sales and Marketing, AeroTorque

Doug joined PT Tech/AeroTorque in 2007 and has 18 years of industrial experience. He began working in the Wind Industry in 2009, and he was deeply involved in the launch of AeroTorque when it was spun out of PT Tech in 2013. His early experience in the Wind industry included significant up-tower work and monitoring of wind turbine drivetrains, working to further develop the unique equipment AeroTorque uses for field data acquisition and field validation of the WindTC torsional control. He has had papers published internationally in industry magazines and has presented at numerous conferences in the US and Canada on the subjects of transient loads, their causes and effects and how they can reduce drivetrain reliability.


Paul Baker, VP of Sales and Engineering, AeroTorque

Paul Baker joined AeroTorque in February 2016, and has been working in the wind industry since June of 2004 with Moventas & Frontier Pro Services. Paul’s diverse background includes the sales, repair and application engineering of industrial and wind turbine drives for the past 22 years. He has studied drive train failures, written papers and presented at AWEA, CANWEA, AGMA, and the national labs. A graduate of the US Navy Nuclear Power Program, he completed undergraduate work at the University of Wisconsin and Arizona State University. He has served on working groups with AWEA, CANWEA, and AGMA.

paul-dvorakPaul Dvorak, Moderator, Windpower Engineering & Development

Editor Paul Dvorak has several years of mechanical engineering experience and 30 years experience writing and editing technical articles and editorials. He says he’s interested in just about anything related to wind and solar. He’s an Air Force and Viet Nam veteran and even taught high-school math and science for two years before turning to engineering.


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