Webinar Series: Bearings Mini Series – what they are and how they work

Commonly used bearings and how they work on wind turbines



Join us for an exclusive webinar mini series with Rick Brooks, manager of Wind Energy Aftermarket at Timken.

Bearings 101: Main Rotor Bearings

What bearing types are commonly used for main rotor bearings.

  • Common bearing concerns for three-point, four-point, and direct mount designs.
  • How the industry is responding to lengthen bearing life in wind turbines.

Bearings 201: Gearbox Bearings

What bearing types are commonly used for gearbox bearings.

  • Common types of gearbox bearing arrangements.
  • Types of damage observed in the field.
  • Different types of coatings used to improve bearing performance.

Featured Speaker
Richard Brooks
Manager – Wind Energy Aftermarket
The Timken Company




Michelle Froese
Senior Editor
Windpower Engineering





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