Webinar: Weathering and Performance of Leading Edge Protection

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Leading Edge Erosion is a severe problem in the wind market. Many factors affect the performance of an effective leading edge protection.

In this webinar you will learn some of the key weathering factors that affect the performance of Leading Edge Protection. You will also get an overview of how to evaluate and compare different accelerated weathering tests and the effectiveness of the methods enabling you to decide the best solution to prevent erosion.

Attend this webinar to learn:

  • Different Leading Edge Protection Solutions in the market
  • Effects of application conditions on the performance of Leading Edge Protection
  • Long term effects of weathering on leading edge protection performance
  • Evaluation methods for weathering of leading edge protection


Santhosh ChandrabalanSanthosh Chandrabalan, Global Business Manager – Wind Energy, 3M Renewable Energy Division
Santhosh Chandrabalan is the global head of 3M’s Wind Energy Group. He has a degree in Composite Material Engineering and Engineering Management. Santhosh has been in the Composites and Wind Industry all through his career. His experiences include research in composites, process engineering, engineering management, etc., in the Wind industry.



michelle-froeseMichelle Froese, Senior Editor, Windpower Engineering & Development
With a decade of experience writing and editing for the renewable energy industry, Michelle Froese has long developed an interest in wind power. Along with her commitment to environmental stewardship, Michelle enjoys learning and sharing thought-provoking information that might one day help change our world for the better.



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