ExxonMobil talks oil & lubricants in wind turbines

Welcome to WindTalk podcast, a series of discussions with wind-industry leaders. In this episode, we spoke with Gary Hennigan, a National Account Executive with ExxonMobil. Gary has more than 18 years of experience in the lubricants industry, and he shared key tips with us on developing and maintaining a good lubrication program for wind turbines.

Getting essential data to wind techs when they need it

The data-analytics firm Uptake is in the business of getting critical information to wind technicians as they need it. In this podcast, Ryan Blitstein says the company also provides a sort of digital crystal ball that can tell when bearings and other components might need replacement. And that will let wind-farm owners and operators trim

Myths and facts about condition-monitoring systems for wind turbines

Unscheduled maintenance and turbine downtime are costly issues in the wind industry. Condition-monitoring systems (CMS) offer one answer to help detect component damage or failures before they become serious problems. In this WindTalk podcast, CMS Wind President David Clark discusses three basic approaches to CMS. He also deciphers facts from some common CMS myths to

How the wind-power industry is changing

What will the future of wind energy look like? Henry Bailey, the Global VP & Head of Utilities Industry Business Unit at SAP, shares his thoughts on the future of wind and the emerging trends that he’s noticing in the renewables’ sector. SAP is currently the world’s third largest independent software manufacturer.  

Tips for extending bearing life in wind turbines

Gearbox reliability has improved remarkably in the last 10 years thanks to a better understanding of bearing loads. However, even high-quality components have a limited life expectancy in the wind industry so it is important to have a consistent maintenance plan in place. In this Wind Talk podcast, The Timken Company‘s Rick Brooks discusses new trends

Women in the wind industry

Women of Wind Energy, or WoWE, was founded in 2005 to ensure that women can partake in a full and productive role in the development of wind power. In this WindTalk podcast, WoWE’s Executive Director Kristen Graf speaks to us about the importance of women in the wind industry, including some of the successes and

New standards for wind-turbine cables

Underwriters Laboratories’ standards UL 6141 and UL 6142 are the first American safety standards developed specifically for wind turbines. These UL standards are intended to simplify the approval process for wind-turbine electrical systems and cables. In this WindTalk podcast, Bruce McDonald, Key Account Manager for HELUKABEL USA, a supplier of cables, wires, and related accessories for the

Keeping an eye on a wind farm’s balance-of-plant

More than wind turbines need maintenance on a wind farm. After the towers and turbines, everything else is the balance-of-plant.

Tips for first-time wind developers

Wind-power projects come with their own unique and often subtle challenges that can prove difficult for new developers, and easily make or break a potential wind farm. In this WindTalk podcast, a series of discussions with wind industry leaders, Jay Haley, a Principal in Charge of Wind Energy at EAPC, discusses key siting and wind

What drones can do for the wind industry

In this WindTalk podcast, we speak with Grant Leaverton, Vice President and General Manager of Advanced Aerial Inspection Resources (AAIR), about the use of unmanned aerial systems or drones at wind sites. AAIR is a conditional assessment firm that uses drones to provide aerial inspections and asset management to the wind and utility industries.