Influencer 2012: Jennifer Jenkins (DWEA)

jennifer jenkins dweaJennifer Jenkins has been the Executive Director of the Distributed Wind Energy Association (DWEA) since its inception in July of 2010. She has nearly ten years experience in the wind industry including her tenure at Southwest Windpower in their Government Affairs department. In this role, she provided continuous outreach to advocates of renewable energy such as non-profits, trade associations, private business owners, foundations and governments to build support for residential wind. She was an integral part of the team that successfully worked towards the passage of legislation which gives every taxpaying American a 30% credit off the purchase of any small wind system they install on their property.

In her current role as Executive Director of DWEA, Jenkins works directly with members, stakeholders, and policy makers to find opportunities to grow the distributed wind market. In just under two years, Jenkins has helped grow the new advocacy organization, DWEA, to nearly 100 active members and six working committees. She has helped provide a forum for small business owners to identify opportunities and solutions.

Jenkins’ natural abilities to problem solve, organize, and collaborate have been an asset to DWEA and allowed the organization to bring together a wide spectrum of members. She has also been instrumental in putting together DWEA’s first National Conference in Washington D.C. in March 2012. This event brings together industry leaders, manufacturers, distributors and installers to further industry education and to collectively lobby Congress to advance the wind industry.

Not only has Jenkins put tremendous effort into her roll at DWEA, she has also put her heart into it. She has continued to go above and beyond to ensure the success of the organization and the distributed wind industry.

Jenkins earned her Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science with an emphasis on policy and public administration from Northern Arizona University.

Jennifer Jenkins, Executive Director of the Distributed Wind Energy Association (DWEA)

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