Wind and solar generation

Renewables accounted for 60% of new energy capacity installed in Q1 2019

Wind farm

Better project siting: How to account for bias in long-term wind speed estimates

Newly developed software offers untapped efficiencies for wind industry

New AWEA report reveals more US wind power capacity under construction and advanced development than ever before

U.S. wind development pipeline grew by 6,146 MW in first quarter

A digital twin refers to a digital replica of process, system, or physical asset. For turbine manufacturers and wind-farm operators, a twin can simulate component wear and predict overall turbine health for better O&M strategies and ROI expectations.

How digital twins are transforming wind operations

An echolocating bat in flight. (Image courtesy of Bruce Taubert)

A Safe Space for Bats: New technology reduces bat take at wind farms

Wind farm

Can wind power improve business resiliency?

AWEA's annual market report shows a healthy wind industry delivered record U.S. jobs, $1 billion in rural community and state payments last year.

U.S. wind power grew 8% in 2018 amid record demand

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