Now in the U.S.: MIDEL’s natural, fire-safe ester transformer fluid


MIDEL eN provides a combination of fire safety and environmental protection properties absent in mineral oil.

MIDEL natural ester-based transformer fluid (MIDEL eN) is a fire-safe, natural, ester-based dielectric fluid that has been specifically developed to offer a cost-effective alternative to traditional fluid and dry-type transformers. The product is now manufactured, sold, and distributed in the United States.

“We are delighted to bring MIDEL eN to the United States,” said Alonso Castillo, MIDEL’s President for North America. “From today, transformer manufacturers and utilities have more choice when it comes to natural ester transformer fluids. MIDEL is entering the U.S. market with 35-plus years of proven success across the globe, and we look forward to delivering transformer fluids that will make a real difference to the U.S. market.”

MIDEL eN and synthetic ester MIDEL 7131 are products of M&I Materials Ltd, a UK-based manufacturer. The company’s U.S. operations are based in Atlanta, Georgia. MIDEL eN is being made in a partnering arrangement with Valtris Specialty Chemicals in its Walton Hills facility in Ohio.

“Valtris is a perfect partner for us,” said Barry Menzies, MIDEL Product Director. “They are experts in processing vegetable oils and proven high performers in logistics and distribution. For our part, M&I Materials brings a deep understanding of ester based transformer fluid technology, manufacturing, and use. MIDEL fluids are the ester transformer fluids of choice in the rest of the world, so introducing MIDEL eN to the United States is a natural evolution for the business.”


 M&I Materials Limited

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