Vattenfall to develop 350-MW near-shore wind project off Denmark’s west coast

Danish authorities announced that Vattenfall had won a tender to develop and build wind farms on two near-shore sites off the west coast of Jutland. The winning bid was 0.05 EUR (0.63 SEK) per kWh.


Near shore projects, now approved in Denmark, are offshore wind farms built on a distance up to about 10 km from the coast.

“We are really pleased that the Government and a majority in the Folketing has now confirmed that we can start building these near-shore wind farms,” said Magnus Hall, CEO and President of Vattenfall.

Near shore projects are offshore wind farms built on a distance up to about 10 km from the coast. In comparison, Vattenfall’s wind farm at Horns Rev 3, which is currently being built, is located 12 km from the coast.

“This means that Vattenfall will further strengthen its position as a leading wind power producer in Denmark,” added Hall. “At the same time, it means more affordable renewable electricity for the Danish population and a quicker route to making Denmark independent of fossil fuels.”

Since the result of the tender was made public, a political debate has been going on in Denmark as to whether these near-shore projects should be approved or not. The argument that building wind farms so close to shore would disturb the view of the horizon too much had been a major reason to ban these projects.

The announcement by the Danish Folketing means that this type of wind farm is now approved. The next step for Vattenfall will be to initiate the procurement of the main components and services (wind turbines, foundations, cables, and agreements with installation ship companies) so that the construction phase can start as planned in 2019. The first power will be supplied in 2020.

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