Bipartisan set of governors urge Congress to pass policy certainty to avoid job loss

Republican and Democrat governors pressed U.S. Senate and House leadership yesterday to extend critically important tax incentives used to grow wind energy and keep good-paying manufacturing jobs here at home. Washington Democrat Gov. Jay Inslee and Iowa Republican Gov. Terry Branstad, Chairman and Vice Chairman respectively of the Governors’ Wind Energy Coalition, co-signed a letter


WINDPOWER 2015 wraps up in Orlando

As WINDPOWER 2015 wraps up in Orlando, the overall message from the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) is one of urgency for continued wind advocacy. The industry has come a long way if the technology on the show floor was any indication (there were data-collecting drones, various predictive wind software options, unique cordless tools, and

Wednesday's keynote, Jonah Berger.

AWEA WINDPOWER 2015 Day 3 in review

Floor traffic still seemed modest in the middle day (Wednesday) of the show but exhibitors seemed content that the right people were walking the aisles. The day started with a keynote presentation by college professor at the Wharton School of Business and author of the book Contagious: How things catch on, Jonah Berger. His message


American wind power at “transformational point in time” as industry attempts to meet Wind Vision 

Coming off a year in which the industry added 23,000 jobs and put $23 billion of private investment behind 100 wind projects, new AWEA Board Chair Mike Garland declared it’s time for the industry to start flexing its muscle. “From the smallest companies to the largest, we have a shared responsibility to make this vision

Editor Paul Dvorak's virtual reality tour of a crane simulation event at Travelers insurance company. The VR system is designed to help train crane operators.

Photoblog: AWEA WINDPOWER 2015, Day Three

Land area achieving a minimum 30% net capacity factor, based on 2013 technology and an 80 meter hub height

Energy Dept: New wind energy technology unlocks wind development opportunity in all 50 states

New wind resource maps are showing the ability for advanced wind turbines to reach stronger winds higher above the ground, unlocking a previously untapped wind resource area that the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) says could eventually bring wind energy development to every state in America. Secretary of Energy Ernest Moniz discussed the new report


A highlight of WINDPOWER 2015

U.S. energy secretary, Dr Ernest Moniz, spoke at the Opening General Session at AWEA’s WINDPOWER 2015 event today in Orlando, Florida. Moniz stressed that wind power is an important and necessary part of the solution to climate change. Wind could provide five times what it provides today, he said, with a goal of one trillion


AWEA’s WINDPOWER 2015 Tuesday review

If WINDPOWER 2015 is smaller than last year it’s difficult to tell. Traffic seemed good and the quality of booths attest to the vitality in the wind industry. Here’s what we saw today: Upwind Solution’s Peter Wells presided over a panel session that dealt with the future of operations. Panelists included Microsoft’s Vijay Narayanan who


AWEA’s Windpower 2015 begins even before the show floor opens

Windpower Engineering & Development editors Michelle Froese and Paul Dvorak are in Orlando Florida covering what is possibly the U.S. wind industry’s most important annual event. Here’s their perspective on the first day’s events. Windpower 2015 began today with presentations by several ABB personnel with the goal of providing ideas for optimizing wind farm operations.


WINDPOWER 2015 launches in Orlando as wind industry elects new leadership

Just miles from where NASA launches rockets to explore the final frontier, wind power developers, manufacturers, workers, executives, and more from around the world gather today for a four-day exploration into what’s next for wind energy in the U.S. The WINDPOWER 2015 Conference & Exhibition of the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) kicks off this