AWEA WINDPOWER 2016, May 23 to 26, New Orleans, Louisiana

Our industry just had one of the most active quarters in U.S. wind energy history, with 5,000 MW of capacity added in the last quarter and a strong year overall, totaling nearly 8,600 MW, according to the latest AWEA Fourth Quarter 2015 Market Report. The future looks even brighter. Driven by the combined impact of

AWEA’s statement on the Clean Power Plan stay

Editor’s note: A divided Supreme Court agreed this week to halt enforcement of President Barack Obama’s Clean Power Plan (CPP). The CPP offers a historic set of guidelines for reducing carbon pollution from power plants and acting on climate change. In response to the temporary stay of the CPP, the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) issued the below statement

A landmark year for U.S. energy evolution

Editor’s note: A new study from Bloomberg New Energy Finance and the Business Council for Sustainable Energy showed that energy efficiency is on the rise and that renewable generation set new records in 2015. The two organizations recently released the fourth annual Sustainable Energy in America Factbook. The press release is below.  American Wind Energy Association’s (AWEA)

American wind power posts second strongest quarter ever

The American wind industry installed 5,001 MW during the fourth quarter of 2015, more installations than in all of 2014, according to data released by the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA). Overall in 2015 the American wind industry installed 8,598 MW, the third largest amount ever installed in a year and a 77% increase over

New 14-state study: Billions in benefits from adding more electric power transmission

Savings on producing electricity are just the start of the benefits to regions that expand their electrical transmission, according to a new study issued in Little Rock, Arkansas by the Southwest Power Pool (SPP), which supplies 14 states across the central U.S. Fuel cost savings alone totaled $240 million in the first year, from power line

Governors’ coalition teams up wind and solar to advance renewable energy across U.S.

After seven years of promoting the benefits of adding wind energy to the U.S. electricity mix, the Governors’ Wind Energy Coalition announced that it will pair its advocacy work for wind with work for solar energy as well. The change is reflected in the group’s new name, the Governors’ Wind and Solar Energy Coalition (GWSC). “This

AWEA: Progress in wind-power leads clean-energy sector

The President plans to talk about progress tonight, including in clean energy. Wind energy has led the sector with the following recent progress: Adding more capacity than any other energy source, leading the country with 47% of all new electric generating capacity in 2015 (followed by gas at 35% and solar at 14%). More than

National Lab report: Wind energy is a big win for consumers, environment, and economy

The study’s results show wind energy is highly effective at reducing carbon pollution while also protecting ratepayers against fuel price increases, a critical message for states and utilities as they begin to craft plans to reduce emissions to comply with EPA’s Clean Power Plan.

From good to great: AWEA’s five-year plan for the wind industry

  Wind energy certainly has its challenges. Developers have their eyes set on greater wind speeds and that means taller towers and longer blades, but no one wants to pay higher prices. It’s also been a year full of funding and tax credit uncertainty, at least until recently. But at an American Wind Energy Association

American wind power breezes past 70-GW milestone

  American wind power just passed the 70 gigawatt (GW) mark, meaning enough wind-turbine capacity is now installed to supply over 19 million typical American homes with low-cost electricity. The announcement comes as political leaders from around the world, including the U.S., reached a historic agreement this month to reduce carbon pollution, further increasing the