American wind power sets sights on doubling in five years

By continuing to advance technology and lower costs, wind power, America’s fastest growing new source of electricity, will stay on pace to grow to supply 10% of U.S. electricity by 2020. That’s according to leading wind energy executives during this week’s American Wind Energy Association’s WINDPOWER 2016 Conference and Exhibition, as thousands of attendees continued to file

WINDPOWER unveils big changes and “Generation Wind” theme in New Orleans

Thousands of wind-power developers, manufacturers, workers, executives, and more arrive from around the world to New Orleans for a four-day conference and exhibition this week as America’s industry with the fastest growing job kicked off its largest event all year. WINDPOWER 2016 began Monday morning with the election of new leadership by the American Wind Energy Association’s

AWEA WINDPOWER 2016, May 23 to 26, New Orleans, Louisiana

Our industry just had one of the most active quarters in U.S. wind energy history, with 5,000 MW of capacity added in the last quarter and a strong year overall, totaling nearly 8,600 MW, according to the latest AWEA Fourth Quarter 2015 Market Report. The future looks even brighter. Driven by the combined impact of

Wind power helps us breathe easy on World Asthma Day

Electricity generated by U.S. wind farms last year helped avoid 176,000 metric tons of sulfur dioxide and 106,000 metric tons of nitrogen oxide.

Wind supplied Iowa with more than 31% of its electricity last year

If there are bragging rights in passing the milestone, they go to Iowa. Over 31% of the state’s in-state electricity generation came from wind last year.

KidWind Challenge: Build a turbine, learn about wind power, and possibly win big

It is the ultimate challenge: build a team, engineer a turbine, learn about wind power, and test your creation in a wind tunnel to calculate its output power. The KidWind Challenge is an annual event that lets students explore the power of wind by building and testing their own wind turbines. Over 10,000 have participated

Gearbox Express opens new and 2x larger HQ

Gearbox Express along with wind energy industry leaders including Tom Kiernan, CEO of the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA), state and local public officials, recently celebrated the official grand opening of its new 75,000 square-foot facility in Mukwonago, Wisconsin.

First quarter results: American wind power hits the ground running

American wind power had its most productive first quarter for installations since 2012, the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) reported, as demand rises for wind’s low-cost, zero-carbon energy. Wind added 520 megawatts (MW) of new electric generating capacity to the power grid from January through March, according to AWEA’s U.S. Wind Industry First Quarter 2016

This is Generation Wind: A sneak peek at WINDPOWER 2016

May 23 to 26, 2016 Ernest N. Morial Convention Center New Orleans, Louisiana   Wind produced over 190 million megawatt-hours of power in the United States last year, and the country continues to hold number one spot in the world for wind energy production. Driven by recent tax credit extensions and upgraded transmission infrastructure,

U.S. wind power jobs hit record, up 20% in 2016

American wind power supported a record 88,000 jobs at the start of 2016 — an increase of 20% in a year — according to the U.S. Wind Industry Annual Market Report, Year Ending 2015, released by the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA). Strong job growth coincided with wind ranking number one as America’s leading source