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Wind power offers purchasers historic low prices, aiding U.S. industry’s continued recovery in second quarter

Affordable, homegrown wind power is helping to save consumers money in many regions of the country, encouraging new wind power growth and the start of construction of over 14,000 megawatts (MW) in America so far this year. “Today’s great values on clean, low-cost wind power are encouraging utilities and major companies to sign more and

The wind industry supports the EPA's draft rules for carbon dioxide reductions. Turbines of this sort will help replace the power lost by closed conventional thermal  plants.

AWEA supports the EPA’s proposed draft rule

The first-ever federal regulation on carbon pollution from existing electric-power plants can be an economic boon to wind-rich states if they meet them by developing more wind energy, the industry’s trade association will testify tonight in Washington, D.C. Electricity generated from a wind farm in one location lets a utility reduce generation from fossil fuels

Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley

Television ads say “Thank you” to American wind power champions in Colorado and Iowa

Television ads set to run this week in Colorado and Iowa will thank members of Congress who are some of American wind power’s biggest champions. The television ads thank U.S. Senator Chuck Grassley and U.S. Representative Bruce Braley of Iowa and Senator Mark Udall of Colorado for their legislative leadership and their frequent, strong and

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302 businesses and groups across U.S. economy say Congress must act urgently on the EXPIRE Act to extend critical tax policies

A letter to Congressional leaders signed by 302 companies and associations including major players in the U.S. economy was released today, calling for urgent action on the EXPIRE Act to extend tax policies they say are critical to the continued growth of clean energy technologies. “Businesses and investors need stable, predictable federal tax policy to create


A conversation with AWEA’s Peter Kelley on recent EPA proposed rules and Clean Air Benefits, an AWEA white paper

You might think the U.S. wind industry could not be busier.  Even without the PTC, construction is booming, for this year at least. The recently proposed EPA rules may provide some of the stimulus previously delivered by the tax credit. Although that remains to be seen, what is visible it that the air is getting

According to AWEA, Ohio is a national leader in wind-related manufacturing, with more facilities producing products for the wind energy industry than any other state.

Ohio freezes state’s renewable energy goals; immediate action needed

Gov. John Kasich has an opportunity to retain a wind industry in Ohio if he uses his line-item veto today to remove an anti-wind-energy provision from the budget bill – with $2.5 billion in current investment, hundreds of millions in local leases and tax payments, over 60 factories, and thousands of Ohio jobs on the