St. Louis votes for 100% renewable energy

St. Louis

St. Louis now represents the largest city in Missouri and across the Midwest to establish a goal of transitioning entirely to clean, renewable energy. St. Louis joins 46 other communities in the United States to commit to 100% clean energy.

The St. Louis Board of Aldermen unanimously approved the city’s commitment to transition to 100% renewable energy by 2035, according to a new release from the Sierra Club

As part of the city’s commitment,  a stakeholder process will begin exploring the next steps in reaching the 100% clean energy goal, which includes introducing future legislation.

The commitment establishes that: “The City develops a plan by December 2018 to meet the clean energy goal through a transparent and inclusive stakeholder process which includes community members, as well as representatives from organizations representing labor, faith, social justice, environmental justice, frontline communities and those most impacted by our current energy systems, public health and the environment, economic development, utility sector, clean energy sector, universities and academic institutions, business, housing, employment services, low income advocates, government, and any other relevant groups.” 

“St. Louis’ commitment to 100% clean energy sends a powerful signal,” says Sara Edgar, Sierra Club Organizing Manager in Missouri. “Even in communities with long ties to coal, the benefits of clean energy are too great to ignore. Wind and solar can create jobs, lower electric bills, and give the people of St. Louis a better alternative to the highly polluting coal power which currently makes up the bulk of Ameren’s generation.”

St. Louis is home to two of the largest coal companies in the United States, Peabody and Arch Coal, as well the regional utility Ameren Missouri, which relies heavily on coal burning power generation.

“Clean energy is a growing industry that is creating new jobs and investing in communities that need it most. With this commitment, even more people will have access to the benefits of clean energy across St. Louis,” said Erin Noble, Board Member for the Missouri Solar Energy Industry Association and Director of Business Operations at StraightUp Solar.

More than 100 major businesses and corporations have committed to 100 percent clean energy, including many that have a presence in St. Louis such as Anheuser Busch InBev. Rock Port, Missouri is one of the first cities or towns in the United States to be powered entirely with renewable energy.


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