New Hempel coatings protect the “splash zone” of offshore structures

Hempel has launched two variations of a new coating specifically developed to protect splash-zone areas. The splash zone is that vulnerable area of an offshore structure that faces corrosion from the atmosphere and the sea. Because it is just above the waterline, it can also suffer from impact and abrasion.

Protecting the “splash zone” of offshore structures is vital if project owners want to prolong the life of their assets and reduce costly and time-consuming maintenance.

Hempadur Multi-strength 35480 and 35482 are two-component, epoxy based, anti-corrosive coatings incorporating overlapping glass flakes to improve resistance to water permeation. Unlike conventional coatings, these two products are almost solvent-free and contain reactive diluents (instead of conventional solvents) to create superior cross-linking properties.

This feature significantly enhances their resistance to corrosion and also avoids the potential for solvent entrapment when applying paint at high dry film thickness.

“There are many products that have been developed to protect the splash zone, but we are bringing a different technology approach to the market that delivers enhanced protection with minimal environmental impact,” said Hempel’s Segment Manager, Simon Daly. “Our products are easy to apply and hardness develops quickly during the curing process, which allows for quicker handling – this makes them ideally suited to pre-fabricated items.”

Hempel is offering this new coating in two variations to give a choice of film thicknesses whilst maintaining identical protection. The high solids ratio (99%) and low volatile organic compound (VOC) content also make them much kinder to the environment.

Hempadur Multi-strength 35480 and 35482 have both been pre-qualified to NORSOK M-501 System 7A and 7B,  including extensive testing to ISO 20340:2009 for a variety of relevant corrosion categories.

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