Stäubli to launch a new line of electrical connectors for high-powered applications

Stäubli Electrical Connectors, Inc. (formerly Multi-Contact USA) is unveiling a brand new line to complement its reliable solutions for power transmission and distribution at the IEEE PES T&D Conference and Exposition in Denver, April 17 to 19.

Socket and plug

The socket (left) and plug (right) versions of the new MULTILAM flexo ML-CUX. Clearly recognizable are the flexible carrier band with the contact louvers attached with rivets.

The new ML-CUX MULTILAM is specifically built for high-power contact applications, including power transmission and distribution that require a high operating range and high power density. It is ideal for replacing multiple rows of competing contact elements with a single row of ML-CUX.

The special construction allows a simple use of MULTILAM in a straight, cost-effective groove, even with larger contact diameters. It can be used in switchgears, transformers, circuit breakers, isolator switches and feedthroughs. The ML-CUX features:

  • Two-component contact element
  • High rated current and short circuit current carrying capacity
  • Large operating range
  • Simple assembly in rectangular mounting groove
  • Reduction of total cost of ownership
  • Very high lifespan with consistent performance
  • 100% tested product properties

“At numerous points in switchgears, transformers, circuit breakers, isolator switches, and feedthroughs, there are detachable connections and connectors in which contact elements are required to transfer extremely high currents, particularly in the event of short circuit,” said Christian España, Sales and Marketing Manager at Stäubli Electrical Connectors. “This new generation of MULTILAM offers material savings along with a compact design that creates maximum efficiency, durability and flexibility in a way that has not existed before and that reduces the overall operating costs of systems for customers.”

The latest development from Stäubli consists of a stainless steel spring carrier band with louvers attached with rivets. The carrier band is optimized for top-quality mechanical properties, while the louvers’ design is chosen for its electrical properties.

The ML-CUX offers quality and longevity with an industry leading cost to performance ratio. It is able to withstand extreme current peaks and has a short-circuit current carrying capacity up to 4.4 kA/cm. The higher current carrying capacity allows for a significantly more compact design, so the connectors can be implemented more easily even in smaller systems.

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