Vestas hits 1-GW mark in Sweden with latest wind-turbine order

Vestas has secured a 279-MW order in Sweden from long-term customer Eolus Vind AB that comprises of 61, V136-3.45 MW turbines. The wind turbines have a 3.6-MW Power Optimized Mode, specifically increased to 3.8 MW for the Kråktorpet and Nylandsbergen wind power projects, and 13 V136-3.45 MW with 3.6 MW Power Optimized Mode for the Sötterfällan and Anneberg wind projects in central Sweden.

Swedish company, Eolus, has placed a 279-MW turbine order for four projects, taking Vestas’ announced 2017 order intake in Sweden past 1 GW.

For the four projects, Vestas has combined its market-leading siting capabilities and 4-MW platform to develop customized solutions in which the turbines’ output are boosted to 3.8 MW, based on site specific conditions. More specifically, the wind conditions allow Vestas to boost the 3.6-MW Power Optimized Mode to 3.8 MW for Kråktorpet and Nylandsbergen.

The order underlines the strong relationship between Eolus and Vestas as well as Vestas’ leadership in the Swedish market. To date, Eolus and Vestas have collaborated on projects amounting to more than 700 MW in Sweden, while Vestas’ total installed capacity in Sweden surpasses 3 GW.

“Eolus’ objective is to establish high-quality wind farms with the lowest possible cost of energy over the lifetime. In a market with an extremely fast technical development, long-term partnerships with world class turbine suppliers like Vestas is an absolute key to success,” said Eolus CEO Per Witalisson. “This deal is based on a long trustful cooperation between our companies and Vestas has shown great flexibility to meet the projects’ specific requirements.”

The contract includes supply, installation and commissioning of the wind turbines, as well as a 20-year Active Output Management 5000 (AOM 5000) service agreement for Kråktorpet and Nylandsbergen, and a 15-year AOM 5000 service agreements for Sötterfällan and Anneberg.

Christer Baden Hansen, Vestas Head of Sales Nordics, added: “As the largest order to date between Eolus and Vestas, we are delighted to reaffirm our strong and long-standing relationship. These projects also underline Vestas’ product portfolio’s flexibility and our ability to tailor our solutions to customer needs, which has also taken our order intake in Sweden to more than 1 GW this year.”

Delivery of the wind turbines is expected in the fourth quarter of 2018 for the Anneberg project, and in the second quarter of 2019 for Kråktorpet, Nylandsbergen, and Sötterfällan.


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