Aztec Bolting Services Inc.

Aztec Bolting is established at the forefront of wind turbine assembly and repair. Aztec’s hydraulic bolting products and services are highly regarded within modern wind energy applications. Aztec’s innovative wind applications benefit any component of your wind turbine: foundation, tower flanges, and nacelle. The leaders in wind energy call Aztec Bolting for their hydraulic tensioners and wrenches.

Featured Articles & Products

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    Bolt tension pump lighter than competitors

    The Generational Electric Tensioner Pump, model VETP, is a new bolt-tension pump with a lighter weight, about 69 lb, a figure that is about half of competing products. Other features include a certified one-point lift, a 12 x 12 x 8 in. reservoir, about 21 in. height, user-adjustable pressure control from 0 to 22,000 psi, [Read More]

  • Aztec Bolting Services releases new electric tensioner pump

    Aztec Bolting Services Inc., a leading provider of bolting tools to the natural gas, oil, petrochemical, and wind energy industries for the past 25 years, has announced its latest tool, a new generation electric tensioner pump designed for critical bolting applications, specifically in the wind and power generation industries. “This pump is taking tensioning to [Read More]

  • Photoblog: AWEA Windpower 2014, Day One

    Windpower 2014 attendees: Read the most recent windpower news on the Windpower Engineering and Development homepage, check our Twitter (@windpower_eng) for updates from the show floor, and each day watch out for a new photoblog! [Read More]

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