Caithness Energy

Caithness Development, L.L.C. and its affiliate Caithness Energy, L.L.C. (collectively "Caithness") are privately held Independent Power Producers specializing in power generation from environmentally friendly renewable and non-renewable energy resources. Our primary focus for over 25 years has been the development, acquisition, operation and management of renewable geothermal, wind and solar energy power projects, as well as (environmentally friendly) natural gas power plants.

Featured Articles & Products

  • Barry Logge NRG Lidar

    NRG strengthens U.S. Lidar business with hire of new remote-sensing expert

    NRG Systems, a designer and manufacturer of smart technologies, has announced the hire of Barry Logue as the company’s Lidar Wind Energy Solutions Manager. Logue, a veteran in the remote-sensing space, will be responsible for all sales and account management for NRG’s Lidar products and services in North America. Logue previously served as the Global [Read More]

  • Turbine

    RK Systems designs India’s tallest lattice met tower

    NRG Systems announced that its longtime partner, Mumbai-based RK Systems, has supplied and erected India’s tallest lattice met tower. Commissioned June 2017 in Southern India, the tower stretches 150-m high and features an array of NRG products, including 40C anemometers, 200P wind vanes, 110S temperature sensors, a BP20 barometric pressure sensor, and a SymphoniePRO data logger with iPackGPS for bankable, secure, and reliable [Read More]

  • Laser based wind sensor helps correct yaw error, boosts energy production

    A U.S.-based renewable energy company has successfully completed field trials that used data from a nacelle-mounted Lidar wind sensor to correct a yaw error and increase total energy production from an errant wind turbine. Eliminating the yaw error let the company improve annual energy production (AEP) from the turbine by 1.8%. “We decided look closer [Read More]