Webinar: Trends, strategies, and technologies for reducing wind turbine downtime




Improving turbine reliability and uptime is critical to reducing a wind farm operator’s Levelized Cost of Energy (LCoE) and remaining competitive in today’s renewable market. While in the past, much of an operator’s focus has been on improving the design and operation of gearbox assemblies in order to reduce downtime, there is now a significant opportunity to reduce maintenance requirements and lifecycle costs by improving pitch control system design.

According to industry data, pitch control system failures account for nearly a quarter of all downtime in wind turbines. A typical pitch system today consists of over 2,000 parts. Reducing the number of components by optimizing the design of a system and improving the design of drive electronics, motors and back-up power assemblies can significantly reduce failure rates, lower maintenance costs, and improve turbine reliability.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Reducing LCoE by improving turbine reliability
  • Understanding a pitch system’s impact on performance
  • Increasing uptime through optimizing pitch system design
  • Improving productivity by reducing maintenance-related downtime

Featured Speakers

Francesco Vanni
Senior engineer in the Asset Integrity and Performance department




Prasad Padman
Marketing Director Industrial Solutions




Paul Dvorak
Editorial Director, Windpower Engineering




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