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Broadwind Energy announces $15 million in new wind tower orders

Broadwind Energy announced an additional $15 million in new tower orders. Broadwind will produce these towers in its Manitowoc, Wisconsin facility for 2017 delivery. “We are

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Coast Guard may rethink offshore wind restrictions

Editor’s note: This article is written by Esther Whieldon and Andrew Restuccia, and published on POLITICO. This is a follow-up to a piece recently published on the

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Sempra acquires Michigan’s Apple Blossom wind project

Sempra U.S. Gas & Power announced it has acquired the Apple Blossom wind project in Michigan from Geronimo Energy, a utility-scale wind and solar energy

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UK program to help fund new offshore renewable innovations

A £6 million grant fund has been launched to help more than 200 companies unlock innovations in offshore renewable energy. The SCORE program, delivered by

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Development of project allowed to proceed.

Montana Public Service Commission approves contract terms for Greycliff Wind Farm

The Montana Public Service Commission voted 4-1 this week to establish contract terms and conditions between Greycliff Wind Prime and NorthWestern Energy, for a 25-MW wind farm

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