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New Altech product replaces traditional battery-based back-up systems

Altech Corp has released a new product that will change the future of DC back-up power. Altech’s Ultra Capacitor Modules DC/UPS can be used in place of a battery system to ensure back-up power. They are DIN-Rail mountable, virtually maintenance free, and carry none of the hazards of a battery. Voltages include 12-V and 24-V

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NREL and partners review key issues and lessons learned from U.S. wind integration studies

As a complement to the Department of Energy’s (DOE) recently released Wind Vision report, a new paper summarizes the lessons learned from actual power systems operational practice, along with some of the most relevant and comprehensive wind integration studies conducted during the past several years. In the years since the DOE’s “20% Wind Energy by

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Composite manufacturer MARKOS has been EN 1090 certified

MARKOS, a composite manufacturer, has been EN 1090 certified by TÜV SÜD. The main production activity of MARKOS company is glass-reinforced plastic production of wind turbine nacelles, hub covers, as well as technical boats and other products. MARKOS also manufactures steel elements designed for wind turbine nacelles and steel or aluminum structures for other sectors.

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Nordex awarded two contracts for a total of 100 MW

Nordex SE has again received two orders for a turnkey installation of wind farms in Pakistan, which will be delivering a total of 40, N100/2500 turbines to the province of Sindh. In view of the high-ambient temperature conditions at the site, hot climate versions of the turbines designed to operate in temperatures of up to

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A sneak peek at Moventas’ latest gearbox testing results

Moventas has been testing their high-torque gearbox, the Exceed, and they can already shed some light on the promising results. The Exceed offers the highest torque-carrying capacity platform for high and medium-speed drivetrains in three-megawatt (MW) turbines and up. The platform approach enables adaptability, scalability, and cost efficiency. As per the image shown here, testing

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