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GL Guide to Offshore UK Wind O&M

UK a global offshore, wind-power market leader, with significant growth expected thru 2020, says GlobalData

Supported by aggressive renewable targets, policy backing, and a shift towards a greener climate, the UK propelled itself to the head of the global offshore wind power market in 2013, boasting a cumulative installed capacity share of around 52%, according to research and consulting firm GlobalData. The company’s latest report* says the UK’s cumulative offshore

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SMU schroeder

Sensor Monitoring Unit from Schroeder Industries

  Schroeder Industries introduces a new version of the TestMate Particle Counter, TPM, and the new Sensor Monitoring Unit, SMU. The new SMU allows live display of the TCM ISO code, TWS water concentration and fluid temperature. Besides displaying the key contamination data the SMU will also store the data for later retrieval. The following

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Blumenauer, Loebsack introduce bill to bring stability, certainty to clean-energy industry

Today, Representatives Earl Blumenauer (OR-03) and Dave Loebsack (IA-02), along with 16 other members of Congress, introduced HR 5559, the Bridge to a Clean Energy Future Act of 2014. The bill would extend critical incentives to provide market certainty and to strengthen investment in clean energy such as extending Production Tax Credit for wind energy

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AccuDyne AC Dynamometer system handles all driveline testing requirements for active and passive components.

Sakor Technologies announces AccuDyne AC Dynamometer testing system for wind-power applications

SAKOR Technologies, Inc., a recognized manufacturer in the implementation of instrumentation products for dynamometer testing, announces the availability of its complete AccuDyne AC Dynamometer system for wind-power testing applications. The system can be used by multiple engineering groups to test and verify designs, as well as for quality control testing after manufacturing. Ideal for testing

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Landmark study helps American manufacturers compete in a globally competitive wind industry

Since the resurgence of the wind industry over the past decade, one burning question has plagued U.S. manufacturers that supply components for domestic wind turbine installations: How can manufacturers effectively compete on a global scale with their European and Asian counterparts? To answer that question, Cleveland-based GLWN (Global Wind Network) recently completed a groundbreaking study

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