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Xcel Energy CEO: Wind energy saves customers billions, maintains grid reliability

One of the nation’s leading utilities integrating wind energy onto its system reaffirmed on the second day of WINDPOWER 2017 that wind helps sustain grid

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ABB strengthens commitment to Canada

ABB today officially inaugurated its new $90 million state-of-the-art Canadian headquarters and Customer Innovation Center, which will serve 700 employees who were previously spread across

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Meteodyne offers to convert complex flow lidar data to CFD

Applying CFD conversion to data from Lidars in terrain with complex flow improves the agreement between wind speed measurements from the Lidar and masts.

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Xtreme Manufacturing showcases 20,000 lb Telehandler at AWEA Windpower 2017

Xtreme Manufacturing and Snorkel will introduce their products to the wind energy industry at the annual AWEA Windpower Show, taking place in Anaheim, California from May 23rd to 25th, 2017.

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GE’s repower program adds value to U.S. wind industry

GE Renewable Energy has announced at the AWEA Windpower Conference that it has repowered 300 wind turbines, the equivalent of adding 75 wind turbines worth of

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