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Die beiden Ventotec-Geschäftsführer Helmer Stecker und Ralf Heinen (von links) mit Jan Brockmöller und Hans Joern Rieks, die bei Siemens das Onshore-Wind-Geschäft in der Region EMEA leiten. 

Ventotec's joint managing directors Helmer Stecker and Ralf Heinen (left to right) together with Jan Brockmöller and Hans Joern Rieks, heading Siemens onshore business in the EMEA region.

Ventotec signs framework agreement for at least 200 Siemens’ turbines

German wind power plant project developer, Ventotec GmbH, is looking to work closely with Siemens. The firm has signed a framework agreement for the supply of

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Moog offers new high-reliability slip ring

Moog Components Group, a division of Moog Inc., has announced the introduction of a new pitch-control slip ring. The EPA3 slip ring is the next

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Offshore wind capacity reached ~12 GW by end of 2015, says Navigant Research

The European offshore wind market dynamics are informing how the rest of the world will likely move from an incentives perspective.

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The data sample comes from the 20 page Mortenson study.

Study identifies strategies to improve wind turbine longevity

Mortenson Construction has released a new study that examines turbine longevity, operations and maintenance (O&M) challenges, and strategies that could help extend turbine lifespans up to 40 years from a 20 to 25 year design life.

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The energy from the 68 GE 2.4-107 wind turbines will be transmitted through a new 14-mile, 345 kV transmission line

Falvez Energy gets GE financing for 163-MW Texas wind farm

Falvez Energy has closed the financing of the 163-MW Falvez Astra Wind Project in Texas, its first utility-scale wind project. GE Energy Financial Services provided the

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