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Zero-Max’s new brochure is 28 pages of keyless locking devices for shaft to hub connections in a power transmission system.

New Zero-Max brochure features keyless locking devices for shaft-to-hub connections

Zero-Max’s new 28-page brochure features a complete line of keyless locking devices for shaft to hub connections in a power transmission system. These devices are ideal for positioning and locking shaft components. They provide the best solution where keyways and tapers can weaken or cause excess wear to the shaft. Zero-Max keyless connections design benefits

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Wind project acquisition activity soars with $5.3 billion in 49 deals, reports Mercom Capital Group

Mercom Capital Group, llc, a global clean energy communications and consulting firm, released its report on funding and merger and acquisition (M&A) activity for the wind sector during the third quarter of 2014. Wind venture capital (VC) funding came in at $140 million in one deal, compared to $48 million in four deals in Q2

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Lidar measure wind at 10 levels up to 300m

CanWEA 2014, booth #811 The ZephIR 300 from Cambell Scientific is a continuous-wave lidar system. Ideal for applications that require wind measurements at multiple heights, the system provides data across ten user-defined heights, 10m to 300m. The ZephIR 300 is great for site assesment and micrositing and permanent wind farm anemometry.

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Advanced particulate detection

CanWEA 2014, booth #1306 MetalSCAN from GasTOPS Ltd. is an on-line particulate sensor that was originally developed for advanced aircraft engines. The quantitative debris analysis directly correlates with the degree of damage on bearings or gearboxes. The scanner is able to detect ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

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The catamaran, a technology demonstrator, tests the Wind+Wing Technologies' wing sails in San Francisco Bay.

Wind-powered ferries may cut costs and carbon emissions

The guys at Wind + Wing Technologies are putting a new spin on one of the oldest applications of wind power: sailing. Inspired by the inefficient and environmentally harmful diesel-powered ferry system of the San Fransisco Bay, co-founders Jay Gardner and Hans Korfin, in a partnership with Photon Composites, have developed a carbon fiber sail

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