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Nordex continues double-digit growth, significantly increasing consolidated net profit

According to preliminary figures, the Nordex Group increased its sales by some 21% in 2014 to EUR 1,734.5 million (2013: EUR 1,429.3). Nordex has, therefore, reached the upper end of the guidance range, which the Management Board had most recently revised upwards in November 2014. With a margin of 4.5%, EBIT also matched the Company’s

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Upwind vg-instalation-web

UpWind installs vortex generators at six wind farms to boost energy production

UpWind Solutions, a comprehensive operations and maintenance (O&M) service provider, has installed vortex generator  (VG) technology on turbines at six of BP Wind’s wholly-owned U.S. wind farms:  Titan 1, in South Dakota; Edom Hills in California, Flat  Ridge 1 in Kansas; and Trinity Hills, Silver Star 1 and Sherbino 2 in Texas.  When several hundred

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NREL researchers advance wind energy systems engineering

In recent years, researchers from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) have been making progress in multiple avenues of wind systems engineering. This includes the study of how to integrate wind energy engineering and cost models across wind plants, finding the important interactions between various subsystems to achieve a better understanding of how to improve

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The national wind-plant performance is the highest during spring time, but can vary across regions.

Wind generation seasonal patterns vary across the U.S., says EIA

Wind -plant generation performance varies throughout the year as a result of highly seasonal wind patterns. Nationally, wind-plant performance tends to be highest during the spring and lowest during the mid- to late summer, while performance during the winter (November through February) is around the annual median. However, this pattern can vary considerably across regions,

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Siemens highlights cost-cutting innovations for offshore wind at EWEA Offshore 2015

The international wind energy conference EWEA Offshore 2015 in Copenhagen in early March will see Siemens, the market leader in offshore wind turbines and grid access, focusing on innovations supporting cutting the costs of offshore wind power. In addition to further developing the technology of its wind turbines, the company is advancing the efficiency of

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