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A Surespan worker guides a tower section onto a foundation.

How to develop a culture of safety

Rocky Ellison / Senio Manager HSE / Surespan Wind Energy Services Ltd. / Wind energy is the wave of the future, so why do companies rely on tactics from the past? If we want to change the culture of safety in our organizations, we first have to change how safety culture is perceived. For years, companies have asked “how

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When wind farms are resource limited, they can contract other companies, such as Romax, to monitor their turbines. Crews online 24/7 can alert crews at the site when a turbine needs attention.

Condition-monitoring research to predict turbine failures, and push the state of the art

Predicting precisely when a wind turbine component will fail is the holy grail of condition monitoring (CM). That information would let maintenance crews aggregate the needed heavy work and thereby minimize its costs. Although maintenance predictions are good now, there is room for improvements. To appreciate the state of the art, we spoke with John

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Mark Regante

IRS clarification and other ideas may make financing wind farms easier

The IRS recently clarified a section of the PTC law that pertains to wind farm financing. In particular, the Service added a new rule that will enable some wind farms that might not have otherwise qualified as eligible for PTCs. Under current law a wind farm had to be in service or under construction as

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Kyle Wetzel's modular blade will come in seven sections.

Long blades, big problems: Modular versions will transport easily, assemble on site

A modular seven-piece blade will cost less to transport than long one-piece blades of the same length. And there are no special requirements for assembling it on site. At the recent Sandia Wind Turbine Blade Workshop, blade design firm Wetzel Engineering, ( also said the seven piece design will be less expensive to build and

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In Europe, specialized service vessels transport works and heavy loads to offshore wind farms.

Moving safely from service boat to nacelle

Björn Kramer, Expert Offshore Lifting Equipment Alexander Heitmann, Head of the Offshore Wind Energy Department TÜV SÜD Industrie Service GmbH Men and materials must be lifted about 90m to access wind turbine nacelles during installations, maintenance, and servicing. Offshore turbines are equipped with modern service lifts and lifting equipment to transfer loads from base to nacelle. However,

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