Global offshore wind market projected to grow at 25.47% CAGR during 2016-2021

Over the recent years, the global offshore wind energy industry has been growing rapidly as the global total installed capacity has been witnessing rapid growth. Globally, the growth in the offshore wind energy market is driven by increasing demand of clean energy, larger coastal regions, and abundant resource of energy and low cost from the

CEE Group acquires 27.6-MW German wind farm

CEE Group, the Hamburg-based private equity company, continues to expand its wind-power portfolio in Germany. It has acquired eight wind turbines in the 27.6-MW Vormark wind farm near to the municipality Gross Pankow (Prignitz) in Brandenburg. The seller is a consortium consisting of the Danish company European Energy A/S and the Berlin-based Green Wind Energy GmbH.

Meet Todd Griffith: Designer of super-sized turbine blades

The modern worldwide wind industry is at least 30 years old, so you might think most wind-turbine designs have already been optimized and the industry need only plan more projects. Dr. D. Todd Griffith, a member of the technical staff and the technical lead for Sandia National Laboratories’ Offshore Wind Energy Program, disagrees. To make

DNV GL intros a promising new concept for wind-powered water injection

DNV GL has proposed a concept called WIN WIN to better match floating wind-turbine technology with the oil industry’s need for water injection to maximize oil recovery. WIN WIN, which stands for WINd- powered Water INjection, comprises a floating turbine that supplies power to a water injection process. It is a fully stand-alone system that

K2 Management leads due diligence for Green Investment Bank deal

A consortium led by Australian bank, Macquarie, has agreed to purchase the UK’s Green Investment Bank in a £2.3bn GBP deal. K2 Management led the transaction’s technical due diligence on behalf of Macquarie after being appointed in 2016. K2 Management’s specialists undertook detailed technical reviews of the status and performance of GIB’s wind assets. This involved

Hedging against low wind: 5 things you should know about weather risk transfer structures

By Geoffrey Taunton Collins; Weather Risk Analyst GCube Underwriting Ltd. As the global wind sector matures, the risk profile of development and operations is changing rapidly. Once confined to more developed and secure markets, the U.S. wind industry is now facing logistical and technical challenges of building and operating projects offshore, and in testing lower-wind onshore

Industry-wide accreditation would boost opportunities for blade technicians

The lack of industry-wide accreditation for wind-turbine blade repair technicians is limiting the opportunities available to job-seekers looking to enter the industry. This is according to Altitec, a UK blade repair and inspection specialist that prepares new blade technicians for their careers at its dedicated training centre, the Altitec Academy. The UK’s wind industry is

Vestas expands 2-MW platform with two new turbine variants

Vestas’ new turbines build on its 2-MW platform, delivering increased swept area and annual energy production, while keeping the existing 2-MW nacelle and hub design. Through the tried and tested design foundation, the new V116-2.0 MW and V120-2.0 MW employ proven technology to improve power production. “By building on the tried and tested technology of the

Senvion presents its largest 2-MW turbine series for India

Senvion, a global manufacturer of wind turbines, is launching four new products in the Indian market. The turbines in the 2-MW class, Senvion 2.XM, come from a suitable acquisition made in summer 2016, and are now available in India for install in late 2017. The Senvion 2.XM modular platform is well adapted to Indian market and

Washington city plans to run on 100% wind power

The City of Mercer Island, Washington, announced that it will buy 20 years of clean wind power to replace its current mix of electricity. Today, 60% of the power supplied regionally by Puget Sound Energy (PSE) derives from coal and natural gas. The City’s contract for 2019-2039 will replace those fossil fuels under PSE’s new Green